Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Confirmation that “Boys will be Boys”

While playing outside yesterday Collin spots a rather large dead bug – of course he runs over, picks it up & crushes it in his fist!  When I told him to put it down & that it was yucky he kind of looked at me, smiled and opened his fist to let the little pieces of crushed bug fall to the ground…lovely.

Pretty much every time I change his diaper the points to his “man-hood” and says, “what’s that?”

Today at Chick-fil-a we were in the play area and I notice Collin is bending down behind one of the benches to pick something up…when he turns around it is a french fry that had been there who knows how long…of course when he sees me running towards him he puts it in his mouth and takes a huge bite!

He is obsessed with wrestling & doesn’t understand that his younger friends can’t wrestle back like daddy does…so he usually ends up just tackling them to the ground.  We are working on learning “Be sweet, he/she is smaller than you”.

When he “toots” he looks at me & laughs!  Where did he learn that??

And of course no post is complete without some pics of the munchkin.

Gymboree with Cousin Lilo

 upload 742010 375

Play time with Cousin Jaeden

upload 742010 376

“Mommy…why are you torturing me?”

upload 742010 377

Downtown Disney with friends!  As you can see, Collin was done for the day :)

upload 742010 378

Love this little boy!!!

upload 742010 379

“Pump It Up” Pre-K play time  today – he was a little skeptical, but I think he had fun!

upload 742010 380