Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Half-Birthdays!

 blog pics 10242011 009

I cannot believe that my little tiny Grace turned 6-months old on October 13th!  That means we are over 1/2 way to her 1st birthday…this is going by way too fast!

We had her check-up last Monday and she was a tiny girl, weighing  in at only 14 pounds (10th percentile) and measuring 25 1/4 inches (25th percentile).  I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since my mom is always reminding me that I wasn’t even on the growth chart when I was little!

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And if Grace is 6-months, that means Collin turned 2 1/2 a few days later, so of course we had to celebrate both half-birthdays with cupcakes!  I was shocked, but Grace actually ate quite a bit of her cupcake & kept putting more in her mouth.  It was so cute to watch! 

“You are really going to let me eat this???”blog pics 10242011 012

“Okay, only if you insist Mom”blog pics 10242011 013

“Hey, this is pretty good” blog pics 10242011 014

“The sugar comma starting to set in”blog pics 10242011 015   

Of course Collin loved the cupcakes too, and was so excited that we got to celebrate their half-birthdays with cupcakes several nights in a row!

blog pics 10242011 017 blog pics 10242011 016blog pics 10242011 018

Time flies when you’re having fun!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

We Love Aunt Becca

We had an awesome visit with Aunt Becca a few weeks ago!  I was so glad that she was able to visit again since her last trip got cut short.

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We had fun picking her up at the airport & Collin and Grace were sooooo happy to see her!  We had fun all weekend shopping, playing, eating at Barbara Jean’s & we actually made time for a crafting project while she was here!  I made a cute fall wreath for the front door & she made a Halloween one, all from something she saw on pinterest.  They were a little time consuming, but turned out great!

blog pics 10242011

We also made our family Pumpkin Patch visit while she was with us.  The other project we picked out from pinterest was a cute picture idea for Grace where we carve out a huge pumpkin, and sit Grace down in it.  We didn’t end up with enough time to do it while Becca was here, so I made Son promise to help me try it this weekend :)

blog pics 10242011 003

Becca  noticed how much Grace loved jumping up & down in her arms, so we decided to get out her hanging jumper…and Grace LOVED it!!

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Collin also picked out a second Halloween costume while we were shopping with Becca.  However, despite the fact that he begged for the Batman outfit while we were in Dillard’s, he almost started crying when I tried to put it on him at home…that is until Aunt Becca told him that he would be “Super Fast” in his Batman costume & started chasing him around the house :)

The weekend went by way too fast, but I was so glad that she was able to come and see us!!  We love our Aunt Becca & cannot wait to see her again at Christmas!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

What Grace Does When She’s Supposed to be Napping

Alternate Title: How I learned the importance of double knotting the bumper pad ties.

 08202011 354

08202011 355


A Big Huge Giant Make-up Post

So, you may be asking: “what we have been up to lately?”  Or maybe it’s more like: “where the heck has she been & why isn’t the blog updated?”  Here is the answer…in picture form :)

08202011 242

08202011 255

Family Zoo Days!

08202011 262

Grace is sitting in the high chair for meals now!  BTW, this is her hair-do whenever I take the rubber band / bow out at night.  It stays just like it was styled :)

08202011 264

Grace doesn’t believe that certain toys should be for 3 & up only.  She also doesn’t understand the difference between “girl” toys and “boy” toys, and is perfectly content playing with Buzz Lightyear, Dinosaurs, and trucks.

08202011 266 08202011 285

We took a road trip to Ocala to see some good friends.  I LOVE Collin’s expression in this picture!

08202011 306 08202011 305

Grace turned 5 Months Old!

08202011 312

Mommy started sewing again – I had to make stocking #4 for Grace’s First Christmas!!

08202011 328

Collin is such a handsome big boy :)  He makes me smile every single day.

08202011 352

We make up silly games to entertain ourselves – like making a spaceship out of an old diaper box & pulling them around the house in it.  They both think this game is HILARIOUS!!!

08202011 39208202011 367

We made our 2nd road trip to Pensacola & got to meet our nephew, Lincoln.  He was born in July, but is already bigger than Grace!

08202011 398

And, to top it all off, we found this AWESOME buggy at Wal-Mart!!  I can fit BOTH kids up front, and have an entire buggy to fill up with groceries!!  GENIUS!!!

I still hate Wal-Mart, but you really can’t beat their prices, and finding this buggy makes it just a little more bearable for me.  And now I am the crazy lady who circles the parking lot 20 times trying to find one of these :)  Oh well, Collin thinks it is hilarious trying to help me find “our special buggy”.

Stay tuned for other upcoming posts such as:

  • What Grace does when she is supposed to be napping
  • Aunt Becca visits again!!
  • Grace is 6 months old