Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Family Pictures (Almost) & a Minor Tragedy

As you can probably assume from the title of the post, the Family Pictures that we had scheduled for this weekend didn't exactly happen. Let me start by saying that Collin is the happiest baby I have ever met in my life! He is such a blessing, and seriously only cries when he is hungry, sleepy, or needs to be changed. So with that said, I was not worried at all about getting our pictures taken - I just assumed that he would be his usual happy self & probably show off how adorable he is for the photographer.

We left the house a little early because we had to stop by Son's work for a minute, then we got to the Town Center about 30 minutes before our appointment - just enough time to have breakfast at Chick-fil-a - yea!! We get to the picture studio, and Collin is his normal happy self - smiling & "talking" to us. We had to wait about 30 min since they were running behind, but he was still in a great mood. We got his picture outfit on, and they started to pose us when he started crying...what?? The photographer started making faces at him, literally like 5 inches from his face and she was making all kinds of razzing noises with her lips - this did not help!

Needless to say we tried EVERYTHING to calm him down, but he just had decided that he did not want to have his picture taken that day. After about 30 minutes we just decided that he was too upset and that we were better off just rescheduling. We packed him up in the car seat and (of course) the second we walked out the door he was all smiles again! Oh well, it was just not going to happen that day. Son & I did get a good laugh out of the whole situation & how were afraid that the photographer was spitting on Collin when she was trying to get him to smile...

So to try to make up for not getting our family pictures taken, here are some pics I have taken of what we have been up to lately.

My Mom found out that Collin didn't have any of the cute smocked bubble outfits for church, so she went to every consignment store in Tyler and sent us a whole box full of church clothes. My dad also picked out a Texas Longhorns t-shirt for Collin. Here is Collin opening his package from Texas. Thanks DeDe & Jimbo!!

Sorry, I should have rotated this picture - here is Collin riding in his stroller "Big Boy Style" aka without the infant carseat. We went for a stroll Sunday afternoon around the cul-de-sac. He really enjoyed the breeze blowing & was awake and kicking his legs practically the entire time.

Collin is starting to try to roll-over now - so cute & exciting! He can get totally on one side, but he can't make it over his arm yet...keep trying sweetie!

You almost got it!

He is also holding his head up while we have "tummy time" and uses his arms to push himself up a little. You are getting too big Collin!!
Oops, I almost forgot the second half of the title of the post - the minor tragedy...I am so bummed but we got a new internet filter at work & one of the sites that is blocked now is Blogger...yuck! I am not someone who surfs the internet all day at work, but to save money Son & I take our lunch to work most days. I have to eat at my desk, so I like to use that time to update my blog. I literally have no time at home or on the weekends & if I do have a few minutes when Collin is napping or Son is playing with him I just don't feel very creative! So hopefully I can get motivated to keep the blog updated at home...we'll see how I do!
The good news is that I can still go to individual blogs & see what everyone else is up to, they just have the blogger log-in screen blocked...trust me,, I have already tried to sign-in on the comments page of another blog, etc - it just isn't going to happen.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No more burned booty!

Yay!!! We had a huge answer to prayer/blessing today at Collins' follow-u p appointment with the surgeon. I'm not sure if I mentioned it on the blog, but Collin's surgery site still wasn't healing, so for the past 2 weeks he has had to have weekly treatments with silver nitrate (cauterizes/burns) the wound to help healing. It was absolutely TERRIBLE!!! He screamed so loud & his face literally was as bright red as a tomato! After the treatments Collin was in pain most of the day, had to take lots of Infant Tylenol drops, and his little booty was burned. It literally turned black and looked like charcoal - very sad!

Anyways, we were scheduled to go in this morning to have another treatment & I was dreading it - obviously! The good this was that since the appointment was on a Thursday morning Son was able to go with us. Before the doctor came in, we said a little family prayer and Son prayed that the procedure would be pain-free for Collin. I kind of thought to myself "well, that's nice, but there is no way that it will be totally pain free".

When the doctor came in and took a look at the site, he said that it was looking great - almost healed, and that he didn't need to do another silver nitrate treatment! Yay! No more burned booty for Collin!! I should have never doubted God's ability to make the appointment pain-free for Collin because He can do all things!!

Here is a picture of me & Collin from this weekend - it was taken by my friend Angela.
We had a great time this past weekend helping our friends Brad & Whitney. The guys installed a pull-down ladder in their attic from the garage. That was quite an experience! At one point, I walked out into the garage and Brad & Dustin were holding the ladder in place in the ceiling and I hear (coming from the attic) "Hey, it's dark up here"! Son apparently had volunteered to get in the attic and install the screws in the ladder since it had to be done from the inside - but when he got up there & they closed him in they realized that they had forgotten to give him a flashlight!!
A few hours later when we went out to check on the guys, and Son was in the attic, with the ladder partially installed to the point where it was in the opening to the attic, but they weren't able to open it and Brad made the announcement that "Son is in the attic and we can't get him out right now, but he's okay"! Then Son, being the practical jokster that he is, kept sending Dustin text messages from inside the attic that said "running out of air..." etc. It made for a very interesting Saturday!
We are going to have Collin's pictures taken on Saturday morning - I am so excited, I just can't decide what he should wear. I think I am going to have them take some family pictures as well, so that means Son & I need outfits too. I want us to coordinate, but I don't want to have to go out any buy anything to wear - any ideas??
More good news - tomorrow is Friday!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy 3 Months Collin!

Happy 3 Month birthday to my little man! You turned 3 months old yesterday - wow! I can't believe that I have had the pleasure of being your mommy for 3 months now - boy does time fly! In some ways I feel that you have been part of my life forever, and then in some ways it feels like just yesterday that Son & I started praying for a baby.

You are amazing & I love you with all of my heart!

Here is Collin posing for his 3 month picture. My mom gave us this really cool frame that you put a picture of them each month up to a year - then you can see side-by-side how they've grown. Of course I haven't had time to print any of the pictures and put them in the frame yet, but at least I am remembering to take the pictures each month - that's half the battle, right??

This is from Son's birthday last weekend - we went to a Brazilian steakhouse & the food was great! A little expensive, but it was a special occasion. We had a great time & 15 of our friends joined us!

This is one of my favorite pics - my sister Becca, me & Collin. We had such a great time while she was here. It makes it even harder being so far away from family.
Happy Friday!!!!

Nothing Interesting to Say

I really can't think of 1 single interesting thing to write about, but I decided to post anyways since it has been a week since my last post. I think that I have a terrible case of "Mommy brain" because I am not near as creative as I used to be - did Collin actually take part of my brain from me?

I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday. I always loved weekends, but lately I am cherishing family time even more. Last weekend on Sunday I told Son that I thought the weekends were much shorter since we had the baby & he agreed! It just breaks my heart to have to drop Collin off at day care every day & I think on the weekends I want to take advantage every single second that I have with him & Son.

Tomorrow night we are going to help our friends Tama & Stuart move - they are moving back to Kentucky so that Stuart can go back to school. They are an amazing couple & will be missed dearly!! Son also helped our friends Josh & Rebecca move on Tuesday night. They are moving to Alabama so that Josh can go back to school also. We are losing some great close friends here also - but I am happy for all 4 of them to be pursuing what they want to do and following God's plans for their lives!

Then on Saturday we are going over to our friend Brad & Whitney's house to help them with some stuff in their garage. The are expecting baby Maxwell in August & are trying to get organized before he makes his appearance!

My little sister Becca turned 23 yesterday! I can't believe it!! I am soooo old! Happy belated birthday sissy!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's all about the Details

So I had been feeling pretty good lately and hoped that the new medicine I had started taking last week was begining to work - until yesterday & today when I started feeling worse. At first I attributed it to the stress of Collin starting daycare today until I got out my medicine at lunch and was looking at the prescription label...I had been taking the medicine 3 times a day, but I just noticed that it says "take 3 tablets by mouth three times daily". I guess in my grogginess from the anesthesia last week when I filled the RX I misread the label and thought I was supposed to take 1 tablet three times daily!

So, basically I have only been taking like 1/3 of what I am supposed to...oh well, I hope that means that it will start working 3 times better :)

Good news = tomorrow is Friday!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life is good

Collin is sleeping through the night!! I have hesitated to make a big deal out of this since I really don't want to jinx it, but for the past few weeks he has been sleeping for about 8 hours each night - this is major!!! It has been awesome to get caught up on my sleep - I actually feel like a normal person again.

Before he was sleeping through the night I would have to rush around to try to get in bed around 8 so that I could get some sleep, but now Son & I can both hang out with Collin until we put him down around 9pm and then we can go to bed together...little victories!

Since I was sick we had to supplement with some formula, and I was afraid that it was because he was on formula, but for the past few nights I have fed him myself right before bed & he still slept all the way through.

He also started watching his Baby Einstein DVD's today - aunt Becca put him in the Bumbo and turned on the video for him. What a cutie...

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Okay, so I know that it isn't actually Friday, but it is kind of Friday for me because my office is closed tomorrow which means that I will get a much needed 3-day weekend. Yea for 4th of July!

They were able to complete the test yesterday (answer to much prayer!!). The results were positive and negative. The disease has doubled in length (bad news) but there is another medication that I can try now (good news) and the best part is that I can take it and continue to breastfeed Collin (even bigger answer to prayer)!!! I had spent a lot of time crying & praying over what to do if I had to decide between taking a new medication or continuing to breastfeed, but thank the Lord when I called my pediatrician yesterday to check on the medication they said that it was safe to take! This is amazing because we had thought that we had tried everything that was safe!

We had to supplement with some formula for the first time today - because of the sedation I couldn't feed him for 24-hours & we had pretty much gone through the frozen supply I had last time they attempted the procedure. Plus, being on a liquid diet for several days doesn't exactly help when you are trying to build the supply back up! I really didn't want him to have any formula, but there wasn't anything else that we could do. The good thing is that we have all weekend to get back on track!

In other Collin news, he is just growing so much every day! Lately he has really discovered his hands and loves to grab things & pull on them (including his ears to the point where he cries - my sister said that she had to hold his arms down this morning because he was pulling on them so hard). He can hold his head up better now & he can turn it from side to side when he is laying on his tummy.

He also talks to us much more now & his favorite word is "Ah-goo". I'm not sure what that means, but it is pretty darn cute!!
Here he is in one of his favorite activities lately - riding around the house in his stroller!