Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This post is way overdue! I have no idea where the time goes these days. I thought that once I was back at work that I would have more time to update the blog, but all of my "free" time at work is spent pumping!

Also, I have been not feeling well lately, so I am just trying to get through the days. My Ulcerative Colitis has been flaring up ever since I had Collin, but none of the medications that they had given me to take were helping (at least not the ones that I can take while breastfeeding), so I went last Friday to have a test done to see what was going on. Well, my sister & Collin took me to the appointment since I can't drive afterwards, and they put me out to start the procedure, but I was so severely dehydrated & my blood pressure was too high that they couldn't finish it...super frustrating!

They sent me home to hydrate :) and gave me some really yucky medicine (please excuse the limited details on my medical condition as it's very personal) to take and they rescheduled the procedure for this Wednesday (tomorrow).

I felt pretty terrible Friday & Saturday, but am actually feeling much better now & am just anxious to get the test done tomorrow to find out what's going on. Hopefully they will actually be able to complete it this time!!

On a more positive note - it has been an amazing blessing to have my sister here during all of this drama. She has been so helpful & has really gone above & beyond in taking care of both me & Collin. Here are some more pictures that she has taken recently.
I know all moms say this, but I really do have the cutest baby in the entire world!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back to Work...

Well, unfortunately it had to happen some time. I returned to work yesterday...boo! I would give anything to be able to stay at home with my little angel & these have been 2 of the hardest days of my life. Fortunately my amazing sister Becca has given up 4 weeks of her summer (she is a teacher in Dallas) to come and keep baby Collin for us so that he doesn't have to go to daycare quite yet.

She has been so amazing with him - although I am extremely sad to not be able to be with him 24/7 anymore, I know that he is in more than capable hands...she actually is probably more qualified to watch him than I am :)

The best part of my day now is when she sends me pictures to let me know what they are doing during the day. Here are a few of my favorites from the past 2 days.
What a sweet boy to write his mommy a note!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Last week on Friday while we were sitting in the surgery waiting area at Wolfson Children's hospital before Collin's surgery I will admit, I was feeling pretty sorry for ourselves & like this was the end of the world. Well while we there were waiting we saw so many other babies with worse problems - heart conditions, etc - that it really made me stop for a moment and thank God for all of the many ways that he has over abundantly blessed our family.

While no one ever wants their 7-week-old baby to have surgery, in the big scheme of things his procedure (fistulaectomy - I know that it not how you spell it) was relatively minor, the entire procedure lasted less than an hour, and we took him home with us after only a few hours in recovery. God is good!

Thankfully Collin is recovering well & I don't think he has any idea what happened.

In other news, my sister is coming on Monday to visit!!!! I unfortunately have to go back to work next week, so she is going to be able to keep him for us for a few more weeks before we have to put him in daycare - Collin is one lucky baby to have such a sweet aunt Becca. I can't wait to see her!