Monday, November 26, 2012

Baby Einstein

Proud bragging mommy moment alert! Yesterday while driving home from our week long Thanksgiving trip grace was holding her baby in the backseat & eating a graham cracker. I heard her say "mmmmmm baby cracker" then looked around and she was feeding her baby a cracker...she said a 3-word phrase!! I was so proud I took a picture :)

And because no post is complete without my handsome big boy, here he is figuring out how to use the sand scooper at the park - these kids are smart :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Party

We are just going to ignore the fact that it had been MONTHS since my last post. much happened during those months...some wonderful, some sad, and some even sadder, but that will be a longer post for another day. For now, a picture post from my phone will have to suffice :)

Friday we had the most adorable Thanksgiving Feast at school! Collin & Grace dressed as Indians and Daddy even got to join us :)

I hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Lately I have been making an effort to actually do some of the things that I have “pinned” on Pinterest.  There are so many fun ideas that it can be overwhelming, but I have decided that I will pick 1 fun new activity a week + 1 new learning activity that goes along with what Collin’s teachers are doing at school.

Collin has been loving it & as soon as Gracie goes down for her morning nap he starts asking what “project” are we going to do :)

Each day we are home I pull out a special book that is only for “Project Time”.  It is basically a preschool workbook that has tracing activities in it along with letters.  Collin picks out a page, then we work on it together.  When he finishes he gets either a special sticker that is just for “Project Time” or an M&M :)

Next we pull out his special Spiderman notebook where we practice drawing the “letter of the week” from school…this week is “B”.  We have only been home 2 days this week, but he is already starting to be able to make somewhat recognizable “B’s”.

Then, depending on how much time we have I start our Pinterest Idea.  Here are a few of my favorites…

075 - Copy

This was just plain painting, but he LOVES it :)

085 - Copy

We made an American flag.  I drew lines on the paper & he cut out all of the red & white stripes himself!

087 - Copy

Then we glued them on in a pattern.

088 - Copy

Finally, the stars :)

090 - Copy

We also made a land & sea picture (idea stolen from VBS) and used stickers & drawing to put animals where they live.

104 - Copy

Collin’s favorite has been the vinegar & baking soda project where we made bright colored “volcanoes”


Counting out cereal pieces.

362 - Copy

Grace enjoyed this one too!


This was one of my favorites…I drew Collin’s name on a piece of paper and gave him a Q-Tip and paint to make dots following the lines of the letters.  I did 1 to show him & he filled out the rest – mommy was so proud :)




This was an idea I got from their school, to pick a book and focus activities around the book.  Collin picked a book and we did everything they did in the book.  He picked “If You Give a Pig a Party”


We built a fort out of blankets, decorated with balloons, and had a pillow fight.


Grace enjoyed the fort too :)

I’m not perfect, but I am trying to be more intentional with our home time.  And it is fun too :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

NASCAR Date Night–don’t judge

The one thing I thought I would never be able to say about myself was “I like NASCAR”.  The closest I ever came to participating in any type of NASCAR event was a NASCAR themed date party in college – basically a spoof on all of the stereotypes you hear about NASCAR fans.  It was lots of fun, but not exactly something that made me want to get into the actual races.

Ten years later…


Yes that’s me!  After a ride on a yellow school bus all I had learned about NASCAR was that many of the stereotypes we made fun of in college were actually based in reality.  Let me just say that it was interesting!  I was still skeptical at this point, but with free tickets and an awesome babysitter for the kiddos I was really looking forward to a NASCAR double-date with my hubby & our sweet friends!! 


My sweet friend Annie – her hubby hadn’t warned her about the other fans we would be seeing, and she actually didn’t know that it is basically a “redneck” thing.  I think she figured it out when a man with a heavily bandaged arm winked at her when she got on the bus…or maybe it was when pretty much everyone on the bus besides us was drinking…or maybe it was when several topless guys got on the bus behind us covered in sweat and in desperate need of shirts – sorry Annie!!

Inside the racetrack they have these cool headphones with video controllers that you can rent – they allow you hear what the drivers are saying, and give you different stats & views from inside the racecars.

I don’t think I will be buying season tickets anytime soon, but we had a great time & really got into the race!  Of course we were cheering for Tony Stewart (Office Depot driver), and even though he started the race dead-last he ended up winning the whole thing!I was surprise how much I enjoyed it – so fun!!  Hopefully we will be able to go to another race sometime :)

I like NASCAR :)

Family Beach Day

Today we took advantage of Son being home on a Saturday, and had a family beach day! 


Walking down the boardwalk to get across the dunes – we finally are down to only bringing 1 big bag, a few toys, chairs & towels!  Why do we need so much “stuff” for just a few hours??? 


I love this picture :)

Collin has become quite fearless – playing in the shallow waves – it is fun, but makes mommy nervous too!  Son was joking about me making Collin wear his life jacket in 6” of water…but it made me feel better, just in case he got too brave and took off before I could grab him :)


These are some tired babies after a fun day in the sun!  Grace NEVER messes with her hair/bow but for some reason today she was not happy with it.  We started out with two cute piggy tails, one disappeared before we even made it to the beach, and the other one didn’t last much longer…this is the mess of hair we were left with :)

Monday, June 18, 2012


I am in LOVE with this little boy!!


Today was his first day of soccer – I cannot believe he is so big!  While he was practicing, Son & I both kept saying how it didn’t feel real that he was big enough to do this!

He is in a small program called “Soccer Shots” that is basically a weekly practice session for 8-weeks.  We thought it would be good to start small to see if he even liked it before we committed to an entire season of practices & games!

It’s only been 1 week, but he had a great time & is already talking about it at home :)  Collin is such a talker, that is how I can tell what he is really enjoying – it’s all based on how much he talks about a certain subject!

Anyways, the class is open to ages 3 – 6, so he was one of the youngest.  I admit I was a little skeptical about how he would do out there with the coach by himself, but we are very proud parents – he did awesome!  He listened to the coach & really caught on quickly to everything he was taught.  Anything could happen next week, but so-far-so-good!


My handsome boy is the smallest in his class :)


But that didn’t stop him from doing just as well or better than all of the “big” kids! 


Practicing the “airplane” – put one foot on the ball & hold out your arms.


Water Break!


Getting ready to score his first ever goal!!!  Proud mommy & daddy & sister cheered him on!


Sitting on the ball & waiting for instructions from the coach…at one point he was the only one still sitting & listening :)


The only hard part for him was near the end when they divided into teams & had a mini game…he got frustrated and came over to us.  Son said, “Collin you have to kick the ball into the goal”.  Collin’s reply, “They aren’t sharing, they won’t give me a turn!”  And an anonymous overly-competitive mommy replied, “You have to take it away from them!  Go kick it away from the other kids!!”  LOL – I was THAT mom today ;)

And because no post can be exclusively about one precious baby without at least a mention of the other…here’s the princess looking precious as ever playing mini-golf on Saturday!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hi…My Name is Julie & I am a Bad Blogger

Now that it is out there in the open, here is a really long picture-filled post to re-cap the past month :)  I would promise to do better, but I think we have all heard that before.


Grace Anna

She had her 1-Year appointment with Dr. Kim this month.  She is a tiny peanut, weighing in at only 17 lbs, but we weren’t too surprised given how short her mommy is :)  She is doing great, but had to start on iron drops…no fun – they stain her teeth :(  Fortunately we had a dentist appointment and they are able to polish them clean when we need.  It’s expensive, so we will be spacing the cleanings out every few months, but I can’t stand for her to have those grey spots on her pretty little smile!  She is currently OBSESSED with animal sounds and animal books!  She will go in her room, get a book about animals, and bring it to me to read to her – all while growling and mooing.  It is just about the cutest thing ever! 

She is still a great eater, but WILL NOT drink milk, no matter what.  I have tried vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, soy, carnation instant breakfast mix, mixing in breast milk, serving it warm, serving it in a bottle, and pretty much any other way you can imagine…all with the same result…she takes one sip, makes a terrible face, lets it all dribble down her chin, and then refuses to touch that cup the rest of the day.  Stinker!  She is also giving me a hard time trying to wean her…we are down to morning & night only, but I think she would still nurse every 2-3 hours if I would let her!


Collin James

My big boy – LOVE him!  He keeps me laughing, and loves to laugh at his own jokes too.  He is still obsessed with “hi-yah” fights, super heroes, Disney characters, and playing legos & cars.  He knows more and more letters each week, and can even start to write a few of them…when he really wants to ;)  I don’t ever push him to do it, so our “school time” usually only lasts a few minutes.  He is turning into such a good little eater – we had beef stroganoff with green beans and salad for dinner tonight, and I didn’t hear (hardly) any complaining!  I never thought that day would come!!  Bye-bye frozen chicken nuggets :)  He can still wear both size 2 & size 3 clothes, although the best fit would be somewhere in between. 

He is so friendly, and regularly strikes up conversations with strangers in Publix, Target, Wal-Mart, or anywhere else.  He is also in an awkward question phase which frequently leaves mommy embarrassed:  “Why is she naked?” – Collin’s version of naked is a strapless top of tank top.  “Where’s your daddy?” – asked to most single ladies we meet…and by daddy he means husband.   He is also on a first-name basis with the drive thru lady at Zaxby’s :)  Collin also loves to tell strangers what we have been doing, or interesting family facts such as, “When my daddy sleeps he snorts” – told to the hairstylist cutting his hair.

He has started naming restaurants as we drive by & gets really really excited when he knows them all – or if he spots a Chili’s or Starbucks.  Then he likes to list all the people that we have eaten with at each particular restaurant.


They are starting to really play together and it is adorable!  Collin has (somewhat) accepted the fact that Grace wants to be his little shadow, and actually comes to get her if she wonders away.  He will call her, and most of the time she will actually come to him – LOVE IT!!  He will also take her hand and lead her somewhere, and he is careful to walk slowly for her (as long as mommy is reminding him).  Don’t get me wrong, he has his moments of pushing her down, taking a toy from her, or trying to close her in/out of a room…but she pulls his hair, knocks down his towers, and tears up his artwork any chance she gets…so it goes both ways.  They both love being outside and going to the park, so that has become a regular routine for us.  We also go to the zoo usually once a week :)  I want to start taking them back to story time at the library, and hope to have time for that this summer.

And now for the picture overload from the past month :)


A recent favorite is carrying around the remotes & hiding them from us.  She also likes to find keys & cell phones to hide :)


The preschool where they go & I work 2 days each week had a Family Farm Day for teachers and families.  It was so much fun & the kids had a blast!  Collin loved trying to rope the fake calf – my adorable cowboy <3


He was so serious!


They loved the play house too!


Collin loved the horse & buggy rides so much he even agreed to go with one of his favorite teachers, Miss Rauch!  I couldn’t believe he wanted to go with mommy & daddy.


Trying to beat the heat in our kiddie pool.


Poor baby girl got a pretty bad boo-boo on her nose from a face-plant in the driveway :(  But that didn’t stop her from having fun at the zoo a few days later!


Sharing a snow cone.


Our first pool day of the summer – this is an awkward picture of Collin, but it is the only one I got that day, so I wanted to use it :)


Mother’s Day Tea Party at FBJA (preschool)


More zoo fun with friends – Max & Chandler


I cannot believe this baby girl is 13 months old!  I think she looks like a little doll!


Family Fun Day – park trip & lunch at Crusiers!


These kids are too big!!  Where did the babies go?


Collin having fun with the race car exhibit at church before the children’s musical.  This year I got a little teary-eyed watching the musicals thinking that Collin James will be up there soon.

And that’s about it!!  Up next – Memorial Day Weekend trip to Pensacola!