Thursday, January 22, 2015

All Things Grace

I am ashamed at how long it has been since my last post!!  First I feel like an update on Collin & Grace are overdue.  Up first...Princess Grace.

Her current obsessions are gymnastics, Daniel Tiger, babies, and Dora the Explorer.

She started Awana Cubbies at our new church & loves it!!  She feels like such a big girl doing her lesson and memorizing her verse each week just like her big brother :). She also loves going to BSF weekly with mommy, and calls her BSF class her "school".  She asks regularly when she can go to Kindergarten and be in Mrs. Moses' class :)

She is strong-willed, and has Daddy wrapped around her finger!  She knows that if she's upset that Son will do anything he can to fix it...even if mommy already said "no" :)

Much to mommy's disgust, she loves mixing her food.  Dipping strawberries in spaghetti sauce, putting taco cheese in her applesauce, and anything mixed in Mac-n-cheese are normal for her.  Grosses me out, but she will eat almost anything like that, so I try to look the other way :)

Favorite animal:  horse
Favorite food: Mac & Cheese
Favorite color: purple & pink

She is my sidekick and constant companion.  We are enjoying our time at home since we moved & mommy is soaking up every moment until she starts Pre-K part time next year!