Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's A Pink Kitty!!

I am always laughing at what comes out of Collin's mouth, and try to document what I can remember (which isn't much, haha!).  However, lately Grace has been competing with her brother for the title of family clown!  She understands making a joke now, and frequently says the wrong answer to a question just to be silly.  She will do anything to make her brother laugh :)  Today while driving home from Collin's school we were taking turns playing the "I'm Thinking of an Animal" game where one person thinks of an animal in their mind and the others take turns asking questions to guess what it is.

Grace is very smart, and fully capable of playing the game correctly, however she loves to say "YES" to anything you ask her & knows that she can answer the questions incorrectly or make up false information to be funny.  Here is how her turn went:

Grace: I am thinking of an animal.

Me: Does it swim in the water?
G: No.  It has a pink nose!

Collin: Does it live in the jungle?

Me: Is it a monkey?
G: No

Collin: Is it a tiger?
G: No.  It has a pink nose!

Me: Does it have fur?
G: It has pink fur!

Me: I don't know any jungle animals with a pink nose and pink fur.
G: Its a pink kitty!!!  (Laughing hysterically)

She cracks us up, just like her brother does :)

In Collin's Words

While driving, I overheard this conversation that was taking place in the backseat:

Grace: you want to sing a song?
Collin: yes!  I will sing you a princess song, even thought that's sooooo annnoooying!  Because I am a boy and boys don't like princesses.


Collin's loves to make up games & his most recent made-up game was called "Teenager", where he pretended to be a "Teenager" by running around like a wild man, playing air guitar, singing loudly, and asked if he could "get dressed crazy".  I asked him how he knew what a teenager acted like and he said it was from the "Love You Forever" book...I think he nailed it :)


After school conversation:

Collin:  Mommy, I had a rough day
Me:  I am sorry sweetie, what happened?
C: What does a rough day mean?
Me: It means that bad things happened to you today
C: It was a rough day
Me: What happened?
C: We didn't go to the playground today
Me: Is that all?
C: Yes

LOL - that's a rough day for a kindergartner!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kindergarten Boy

How did I get to the point where I am taking my child school supply shopping...for elementary school?!?  Wasn't it just yesterday that this was Collin James: 

I blinked my eyes, only for a second, and here we are today:

We had a great time, talking about life and about kindergarten.  I am trying to prepare him as best I can for school.  We talk about how not everyone knows about Jesus.  That we should always tell them about Jesus, but that they may not be ready to believe in Him.  We talk about how not everyone in his class will be making good choices, and I coach him on ways to make good friends and how to tell if someone is a good friend.  I know that God has called Collin to this school, and I know that it will be a wonderful year, but I also know that there will be challenges along the way.  My mommy heart wants to keep him in my little bubble, and we have prayed about many options for him this year, but Son & I are confident that this is the school God has called us to, and I know that God has great things in store for Collin!

Just a few weeks ago we were in the school office ordering uniforms.  It is a small public charter school, however it is a huge blessing to our family since the principal and office administrator are both Christians.  As we were preparing to leave Collin said he had a question.  He was acting shy, but after a little encouragement he decided to ask the ladies in the office.  

He asked, "Do you know about Jesus?"

Wow.  Convicting.  In that moment my five year old is a better disciple of Christ than I am.

I already knew the ladies were Christians, and was glad that they could assure him of how much they love Jesus.

But my mommy heart worries about this first time an adult or a peer he looks up to answers his question with "No." 

But I trust in God.  Collin is not my own but on loan to me from God.  However much I love that little boy, God loves him more!

Of course after some serious conversation & some serious shopping we had to get a treat.

He drank that chocolate milk in about 30 seconds!

Looking forward to a wonderful year!