Monday, June 18, 2012


I am in LOVE with this little boy!!


Today was his first day of soccer – I cannot believe he is so big!  While he was practicing, Son & I both kept saying how it didn’t feel real that he was big enough to do this!

He is in a small program called “Soccer Shots” that is basically a weekly practice session for 8-weeks.  We thought it would be good to start small to see if he even liked it before we committed to an entire season of practices & games!

It’s only been 1 week, but he had a great time & is already talking about it at home :)  Collin is such a talker, that is how I can tell what he is really enjoying – it’s all based on how much he talks about a certain subject!

Anyways, the class is open to ages 3 – 6, so he was one of the youngest.  I admit I was a little skeptical about how he would do out there with the coach by himself, but we are very proud parents – he did awesome!  He listened to the coach & really caught on quickly to everything he was taught.  Anything could happen next week, but so-far-so-good!


My handsome boy is the smallest in his class :)


But that didn’t stop him from doing just as well or better than all of the “big” kids! 


Practicing the “airplane” – put one foot on the ball & hold out your arms.


Water Break!


Getting ready to score his first ever goal!!!  Proud mommy & daddy & sister cheered him on!


Sitting on the ball & waiting for instructions from the coach…at one point he was the only one still sitting & listening :)


The only hard part for him was near the end when they divided into teams & had a mini game…he got frustrated and came over to us.  Son said, “Collin you have to kick the ball into the goal”.  Collin’s reply, “They aren’t sharing, they won’t give me a turn!”  And an anonymous overly-competitive mommy replied, “You have to take it away from them!  Go kick it away from the other kids!!”  LOL – I was THAT mom today ;)

And because no post can be exclusively about one precious baby without at least a mention of the other…here’s the princess looking precious as ever playing mini-golf on Saturday!