Friday, August 17, 2012


Lately I have been making an effort to actually do some of the things that I have “pinned” on Pinterest.  There are so many fun ideas that it can be overwhelming, but I have decided that I will pick 1 fun new activity a week + 1 new learning activity that goes along with what Collin’s teachers are doing at school.

Collin has been loving it & as soon as Gracie goes down for her morning nap he starts asking what “project” are we going to do :)

Each day we are home I pull out a special book that is only for “Project Time”.  It is basically a preschool workbook that has tracing activities in it along with letters.  Collin picks out a page, then we work on it together.  When he finishes he gets either a special sticker that is just for “Project Time” or an M&M :)

Next we pull out his special Spiderman notebook where we practice drawing the “letter of the week” from school…this week is “B”.  We have only been home 2 days this week, but he is already starting to be able to make somewhat recognizable “B’s”.

Then, depending on how much time we have I start our Pinterest Idea.  Here are a few of my favorites…

075 - Copy

This was just plain painting, but he LOVES it :)

085 - Copy

We made an American flag.  I drew lines on the paper & he cut out all of the red & white stripes himself!

087 - Copy

Then we glued them on in a pattern.

088 - Copy

Finally, the stars :)

090 - Copy

We also made a land & sea picture (idea stolen from VBS) and used stickers & drawing to put animals where they live.

104 - Copy

Collin’s favorite has been the vinegar & baking soda project where we made bright colored “volcanoes”


Counting out cereal pieces.

362 - Copy

Grace enjoyed this one too!


This was one of my favorites…I drew Collin’s name on a piece of paper and gave him a Q-Tip and paint to make dots following the lines of the letters.  I did 1 to show him & he filled out the rest – mommy was so proud :)




This was an idea I got from their school, to pick a book and focus activities around the book.  Collin picked a book and we did everything they did in the book.  He picked “If You Give a Pig a Party”


We built a fort out of blankets, decorated with balloons, and had a pillow fight.


Grace enjoyed the fort too :)

I’m not perfect, but I am trying to be more intentional with our home time.  And it is fun too :)