Thursday, January 24, 2013

Goodbye Beau

This is a post that I have been avoiding for months now, but I feel like the blog is incomplete without it. In October we lost our beloved Beau.

He was happy and healthy up to his last day and declined very rapidly after a seizure. There was nothing the vet could do as his little body was literally filled with cancer and bleeding internally. We had to say goodbye. I was able to be with him in his last minutes & he was as sweet as ever.

The first few weeks were incredibly difficult. Collin missed him terribly and often cried. Mommy cried too. Grace ran around the house looking for him & daddy even admitted to being a little sad.

One time while we were out shopping Collin all of a sudden got excited and said, "maybe when we get home Beau Beau will be back!!"

It has gotten easier now, all the doggie toys, food dishes, and other reminders have been donated, but we still talk about him & miss him.

The house is so quiet now, especially when son travels & the babies are sleeping. Beau was my shadow, my first baby, and my only friend when I first moved to Florida 9 years ago.

I don't think we will get another dog anytime soon. Beau would be a very tough act to follow.

I am so happy to have had such a wonderful pet & thank God for the blessing of Beau in our lives!

In Collin's Words

After eating a chip that I think was sharp & cut his mouth because he usually likes them (poor baby!)...

"Blah, yuck, ahh (wiping his tounge/mouth), eeeeeww, blah , nasty, it's EXPENSIVE!!!"

We were laughing out loud, not sure where he got the idea that expensive was a bad thing...probably from his bargain shopping mommy :)

Word of the day Collin style = "explosioned"

Definition = when an object (or person) is made to explode or blow up

Example: "Mommy, I threw a bomb at you and I explosioned you!!"

While playing Avengers Collin had instructed me that he was going to go in the other room, that Grace was going to be the "bad guy" and that when I saw the bad guy I should say "avengers Assemble" and he would come fight the bad guy...

Mommy: Avengers Assemble!

Collin runs into the room, grabs his sword & hits Grace with it.

Mommy: Collin! You need to think about your choices, you never hit anyone!! Why did you hit Grace?

Collin: mommy, you need to think about your choices. You said Avengers Assemble and that means fight, I thought it was a real fight, you didn't say it was pretend!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Little Chef

Grace has been loving her play kitchen she received for Christmas from Dede & Jimbo...maybe a little too much...

This morning while mommy was doing laundry she took her real banana she was supposed to be eating at the table into her PLAY kitchen & chopped it into a million pieces for mommy to clean up. She even brought a handful of the smashed banana into the laundry to proudly show me. With smashed banana in one hand and her play knife in the other she says asked sweetly, "more nana cut please".

What a stinker!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In Collin's Words

Batman has a belt, and Aquaman has a belt. But Superman doesn't have a belt, he knows how to hold his pants up!


Collin: Lets play "Manger Scene". I can be Baby Jesus, you can be Mary, and pig (a stuffed animal) can be Joseph.

Me: what about Grace? Can she be a shepherd or a wise man?

Collin: No, she can be the donkey. You need to sit on her because you are Mary! Sit on her mommy!

After several attempts to delay bedtime...

Me: Collin you need to go straight to your room and go to bed

Collin: actually straight is to Grace's room. My room is straight then turn, see?

And lastly a picture of my sweet silly boy with his Avengers bow & arrow he made with daddy. (I don't think any of the avengers actually use a bow and arrow, but he sure thinks so!)