Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Texas Trip…a preview

Collin & I made the trip to Texas last week to see my family.  We had a great time!  I will fill in more of the details when I have a little time, but here are a few pictures & the highlights…

Dede & Jimbo with Collin

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Collin’s Aunt Becky…he loves his Aunt Becky!

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Playing with his golf clubs!

632010 029

His first “real” haircut that didn’t involve mommy trying to trim his hair in the bathtub :)

632010 030

So many toys, so little time…

632010 031

Trying on Jimbo’s shoes

632010 032

Chillin’ in the car with Aunt Becca

632010 033

Cowboys hat from Jimbo :)

632010 034

Collin’s drill toy…I told my mom he loved playing with a toy drill at Son’s parents house…so naturally she ran out to toys r us the next day to get one for her house too :)

Other trip highlights:

  • Collin loves McDonald's french fries!
  • Swinging on the swing set at Dede & Jimbo’s house
  • Luby’s & Schlotzky’s & Jucy’s – yummy!!
  • Shopping with my sister (and no baby)…I actually got to try on my clothes before buying them :)
  • Dede & Jimbo buy Collin some “squeaker shoes” – he LOVES them!!!  Now every morning after we eat breakfast he will go into his closet and get out a pair of shoes and bring them to me for me to put them on him…but his favorite are the “squeakers”

Other Vuong family news:

  • Collin now has a battery powered race car, a bubble lawnmower, a big red playground ball, and a set of leggos thanks to Aunt Kim & Uncle Quoc’s gift card they gave him for his birthday
  • This weekend = backyard!!!!!!  We are FINALLY replacing the grass in the backyard on Saturday – feel free to stop by and help :)
  • We got new couches!!  I love the new couches, but realize after they are here that they really don’t go with anything else in our living room…guess that just means that we will have to get more new furniture…darn!  And I now have some major sewing projects coming up :)

And I will leave you with more pictures of the cutest little boy in the entire world…

632010 037 

632010 036


Angela said...

I love all the pics! Collin looks like such a big boy with his hair cut. Also, Dallas's face is hilarious in the last one :)

Rachel said...

Dallas looks hilarious in the last picture!!! It made me chuckle. Collin is getting so big.... I cannot believe it!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Looks like you guys have been very busy! I've been thinking about getting LB some squeaker shoes...I'm glad to know he likes them! :)