Wednesday, September 1, 2010

For My Sister, The “Bridezilla”

So my baby sister is getting married on Saturday…AAAHHHHH!!!  Seriously??  When did this happen?  She is not old enough to get married, right?? (Please ignore the fact that she is exactly the same age as I was when I got married)  Besides the fact that I am still in denial, I am SO EXCITED for her & Warren!!  They are such a perfect couple & I cannot wait to be a part of their special day!

So as comes naturally to brides around their wedding day she has made her own “demands” for me.  The list includes:

1.  Update your blog

2. More pictures of Collin, please!

I mean really, how selfish can you be??  Wanting to see pictures of your favorite nephew the week before your wedding.  Come on!

Okay, I guess I should humor you since it is your “wedding week” and all, so here you go…

upload 742010 491

Happy Birthday to Collin’s buddy Maxwell :)

upload 742010 447

Coloring while waiting for our food at Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney – He loves to draw & it keeps him happy so I really do not like to go to restaurants without the kids coloring sheets – unless it’s date night :)

upload 742010 460

Tired Baby!!  Car ride home after a long day in Disney

upload 742010 485

One of Collin’s favorite things to do…slide!  Thanks to Dallas for sharing her swing set.

And just for my favorite Bride-To-Be I even went to the trouble of uploading a few videos…



There, are you happy now??  I hope so!  We seriously cannot wait to see you, Warren & Addie girl TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!