Saturday, October 23, 2010

Collin’s “Almost” Costume

Growing up we always dressed up for Halloween.  And I don’t mean going to target and getting a cheap-o plastic mask or wig, but full out, handmade by my grandmother, beautiful costumes.

I know some people feel differently but I really don’t see an issue with participating in some of the traditions that come around in the end of October.  We will go to the pumpkin patch, put up a few fall decorations, carve a pumpkin, get some special candy, and if Collin wants to he can wear a costume.  (Last year, thanks to our friend “Auntie Rachel” Collin was the most adorable frog prince.)

So as much as I wanted to make his costume this year and start it as a tradition, I was just so tired with the pregnancy that I just didn’t have the energy…but I did find the most adorable giraffe costume at Old Navy that I thought Collin would LOVE! 

That is what I pictured for his costume this year…adorable, right?  Well, I am not sure what the issue was, whether it was too big, too hot, too scary, but let’s just say that Collin was not a fan of the giraffe.

At first I thought maybe he just needed to get used to it, so I took it out of the bag and hung it on the outside of the closet door.  I would let him look at it, touch it, and I would ask him, “Collin, where is the giraffe?” 

Then I would periodically put it on him, which he hated, but I LOVED it & I REALLY wanted him to wear it so I kept trying.  It got to the point where if I even said “Let’s get your giraffe” he would run away screaming.

So instead of the adorable costume model above, I got the crying angry giraffe – not fun & not worth what we spent on it.

Blog Pics 101610 013

Blog Pics 101610 014

After about a month of this I gave up & exchanged it for a cute but boring pumpkin pj’s outfit.

Oh well, better luck next year.  However next year he will probably be old enough to pick out his own costume so I am probably just going to have to wait for the next baby to dress up!  Fortunately I won’t have to wait very long :)


Elizabeth said...

oh my goodness. I feel your pain over here. I splurged and spent way too much money on a milk carton costume from pottery barn kids...because JM is OBSESSED with milk. he would just drink milk for meals if he could. and between meals. obsessed. so we though (a) it's appropriate for him to BE milk; and (b) it's appropriate to splurge. ummmm. yes. after a month of trying on/playing with/being around the milk costume - it's still a no go! silly boys! i am going to try to run out today and buy something like your pumpkin pjs for JM....oh goodness! p.s. start posting bump pics! :)

Angela said...

Hilarious! I'm glad you at elast got a few pics of him wearing the giraffe costume, because it really was cute! I still need to get Dallas a costume. Running out of time!!