Friday, December 16, 2011

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

I have always loved Christmas, but it is true that it becomes even more fun once you have children.  This year, Collin really “gets it” and it has been so much fun to see it all through his eyes!

A few weekends ago we took them to see Santa.  I did not have very high expectations, considering that the only way I got a Santa picture last year was to sit in Santa’s lap myself, holding Collin, while 7 months pregnant…not fun.

However, I was thrilled with how the pictures turned out – I actually had 2 smiling children both looking at the camera…a true Christmas Miracle!! 

I will scan the picture and add it to the blog another day, but I am too lazy to go do it right now…in the meantime here is a picture of the 2 munchkins right after they saw Santa.


The preschool where Collin & Grace go a few days a week had the cutest little Christmas program, and Grace even had a little part as the cutest little lamb ever :)  She did great!  I was working helping the 4-year-olds, so I didn’t get a picture of the actual program, but here she is in her costume ready to go!


She really got into her role, and even tried to crawl like a sheep!


I would like to say that Collin James was as excited about the program as his sister, but unfortunately that was not the case.  Lets just say that he was crying so hard I was afraid he was going to throw-up on stage…Son had the video camera in the audience, but Collin was hiding behind his teacher sobbing the entire time, so we didn’t get a video.  I really think he was so upset because Son had come to his class for the Christmas Party before the program, but then left him to go sit in the audience.  I guess Collin didn’t understand how it was going to work because he kept telling me that daddy was supposed to go on stage with him.  Poor baby! 

Tonight we finally had a chance to go down to St. Augustine for the Nights of Lights there.  This is something that we have been doing since Collin was born, and is going to be one of our annual family traditions!  It was fun, we rode the big Red Train, and got to see Santa again.  I am so glad that our first Santa pictures went so well, because Grace was not as excited about sitting in his lap this time!


Grace & Daddy drinking some hot chocolate at Santa’s Village.


Collin LOVES snowmen, but was afraid to get any closer than this to frosty :)


I love this picture of Collin with hot chocolate all over his face…such a happy boy!


Our family of 4 on the train!  So excited that Grace enjoyed her 1st St. Augustine trip!


Merry Christmas everyone!!