Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family Beach Day

Today we took advantage of Son being home on a Saturday, and had a family beach day! 


Walking down the boardwalk to get across the dunes – we finally are down to only bringing 1 big bag, a few toys, chairs & towels!  Why do we need so much “stuff” for just a few hours??? 


I love this picture :)

Collin has become quite fearless – playing in the shallow waves – it is fun, but makes mommy nervous too!  Son was joking about me making Collin wear his life jacket in 6” of water…but it made me feel better, just in case he got too brave and took off before I could grab him :)


These are some tired babies after a fun day in the sun!  Grace NEVER messes with her hair/bow but for some reason today she was not happy with it.  We started out with two cute piggy tails, one disappeared before we even made it to the beach, and the other one didn’t last much longer…this is the mess of hair we were left with :)


Erin said...

LOVE the flip flops!