Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pictures With(out) Santa

So this is how our 2013 pictures with Santa turned out...

Two cute kiddos in Christmas pajamas, but something is missing here...

I can't quite figure it out...

Oh yeah!  Where is Santa?!?!

Poor Grace was terrified and refused to be within 50 feet of Santa.  I knew there was huge potential for a problem, and had worked all week to talk about how nice Santa was, and that if she asked him for that Princess Sophia backpack she really wants he would bring it to her.  She insisted she was ready to sit in his lap for a picture...until we walked in the door.

At that point, no amount of bribery, pleading, begging or threatening could get her anywhere near St. Nick.  I even offered to hold her in the picture, but she was so genuinely afraid that I decided to do the only thing I could think of...I asked Santa to leave the room.   

Yes, I did.

Once Santa made his exit, I was finally able to convince her to sit with Collin for a picture.  Notice her face - she kept her eyes fixed on the door, waiting for Santa's return.

Collin, on the other hand, was thrilled to see Santa and sit with him!

Collin asked for a two-wheel scooter and "mud".  I have no idea where the mud came from.  I tried to get him to ask for other things, but he insisted that a scooter and mud were all he wanted.  Later I asked him about the mud and he replied, " you know, to play in mud outside"!  Sweet silly 100% boy!!

I love both of my silly babies, and am so blessed to spend all my time with them :). We are all so very excited about Chtistmas!!