Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Has it really been 3 weeks??

I can't believe that Collin is going to be 3 weeks old tomorrow!! It is just flying by. We had a doctor's appointment on Friday and he has already gained a pound - he weighed 8 pounds even & has grown to 20 and 1/2 inches. Everything else was fine at the visit - and we love our Pediatrician - Dr. Kim Sanchez - she was great!

Here's what I have learned about Collin so far:

1. He is totally 100% boy! He passes more gas than his father, he loves making messes, and he does not like to change clothes or take baths!

2. I now have 3 boys in the house that all snore! Collin makes little snorting sounds at night, Son snores very loudly & Beau even snores on occasion...luckily I am so tired lately that I can pretty much sleep through anything!

3. He looks just like his dad - I just think he's the cutest little thing in the world (of course, I am his mom).

4. He is a little piggy at meal time! One of my favorite things he does is when he is really hungry, he gets so excited when I am about to feed him that he just opens his mouth really wide & shakes his head from side to side, and makes a little grunting sound. It's soooo adorable & I wish I could take a picture to show everyone, but that picture would probably involve me being topless, so you will just have to picture his little piggy face yourself.

5. He loves the lay on your chest to sleep during the day - I think he likes to hear your heartbeat. I just love our snuggle time!

Here are some pics of what we have been up to lately...

Visit from Son's parents last week.

Bath time with mommy & daddy - his cord finally came off at the doctor's appointment on Friday, so we can give him big boy baths in his baby tub now!

Just hanging out with dad - this is a cute little froggie outfit that his Auntie Becca gave him.

Me & my 2 boys! Beau loves his little brother Collin!


Elizabeth said...

he is so precious Julie!!! loved the update!

Angela said...

He is so adorable, Julie! I love the last picture of the 3 of you. So precious!

Spencer and Emily said...

So cute! I love all the pictures! :) Glad he is doing so well!

the abernathy's said...

julie he is the cutest thing ever. i want to give him a big kiss. so adorable. love the picture of you just staring at him on the couch so sweet, and funny enuf i just found that random retailing shirt as i was cleaning out my dresser the other day, haha!! hope your little miracle is even better than you hoped for! xo