Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother of the Year Already!

Is it too early to start campaigning to be mother of the year? If not, here is my first entry:

Monday night I had fed Collin, but about 20 min later he was making his "hungry faces" again, so we decided to go ahead and offer him a chance to eat more...he was eating away when he started to cough. It scared me, so I started patting on his back, then he spit-up a little, so I sat him up right and put the blanket in front of him in case he spit-up some more. Well, I think that he spit-up everything he had eaten, it was A LOT! I was freaking out, and calling Son to come and help me when I lost my grip on Collin's shoulders (he is a strong little boy!) and he went "SPLAT" face-first into the pile of spit-up!!

I thought he would start crying, but I think he was more surprised than anything else. He just kind of looked at me (with the spit-up dripping all down his face) like "mom, what just happened?"

Just thought I would share with everyone what an awesome job I am doing!


Rachel said...

Oh gracious Julie. I did chuckle a little bit because I could see Collin's face. Parenthood is an adventure :-)

Spencer and Emily said...

haha so funny! :) I'm sure he was fine! :)

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Ha- He's a boy... he probably wanted you to do it again :)

Angela said...

Aww poor Collin! That is a cute story, though!