Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Last week on Friday while we were sitting in the surgery waiting area at Wolfson Children's hospital before Collin's surgery I will admit, I was feeling pretty sorry for ourselves & like this was the end of the world. Well while we there were waiting we saw so many other babies with worse problems - heart conditions, etc - that it really made me stop for a moment and thank God for all of the many ways that he has over abundantly blessed our family.

While no one ever wants their 7-week-old baby to have surgery, in the big scheme of things his procedure (fistulaectomy - I know that it not how you spell it) was relatively minor, the entire procedure lasted less than an hour, and we took him home with us after only a few hours in recovery. God is good!

Thankfully Collin is recovering well & I don't think he has any idea what happened.

In other news, my sister is coming on Monday to visit!!!! I unfortunately have to go back to work next week, so she is going to be able to keep him for us for a few more weeks before we have to put him in daycare - Collin is one lucky baby to have such a sweet aunt Becca. I can't wait to see her!


Jonathan and Sarah said...

I'm sorry he had to have surgery! That's the WORST feeling in the world- waiting for your baby to get out of surgery- no matter what it is... I've never heard of that- is he going to be alright?

the abernathy's said...

julie! i had no idea about baby collin's surgery...what type of procedure was it? how is he doing now?, jna

Son and Julie said...

Thanks! He is doing great & is healing well. We go back to the surgeon on the 24th to confirm that they got everything.