Monday, August 17, 2009

4 Month Check-up & A Mouse in our House!

We had a crazy start to the week this morning! Collin was fussing this morning at 4:30 – he sometimes drops his paci & then decides he wants it in the middle of the night. I got up (still about 75% asleep) and stumbled into the hallway and there was a little creature right outside Collin’s room just staring at me! It looked like a little mouse…I just froze for a minute and we locked eyes while I was trying to decide if I was still asleep or awake. When I finally decided that I wasn’t imagining things, I started calling for Son to come help. When I said “it’s a mouse” he jumped out of bed…I guess when he saw it he was convinced that it was a mouse too because he had to walk right by it to get down the hall. He came back with the broom & dust pan (I guess he was planning on holding it down in the dustpan with the broom??). I probably would have preferred a box or something to trap it in??

Meanwhile, Collin is still fussing & I am trying to decide if I should be a very brave mommy and jump over the mouse to get to my baby, or if I should be not-so-brave & just wait for Son to get back. I wish I could say that I choose option A, but I tried to compromise by talking to Collin from outside his room saying “it’s okay honey” “I’ll be there it just a second”. Guess I am not going to be nominated for mother of the year any time soon…

Well, Son walks up behind the little creature & goes to put the broom down when it jumps about a foot down the hall (not very mouse-like). I think we both jumped too – or at least I did! I was expecting it to run, but not jump! I am still trying to figure out what just happened when Son states the obvious – It’s a frog! **Insert BIG sigh of relief** I guess the frog must have had one of his back legs stretched out behind him, because I swear I saw a tail! I was able to get to Collin & give him his paci while Son guided the frog out the back door with the broom.

Crisis averted! Somehow having a little tree frog in our house is much less scary & disgusting than having a mouse!

Then, 3 ½ hours later we headed to Collin’s 4-Month check-up.

He is now 14 lbs even & 24.5 inches long!! What a big boy! He seems so big to Son & I but he is actually on the medium to small side – he was in the 25th percentile for both height & weight. I guess that’s not surprising since his mommy wasn’t even on the growth charts when she was little – seriously, my mom told me this morning that I was like in the 0 percentile each time we went to the doctor. He had to get 4 shots – yuk! But we gave him some Tylenol ahead of time, and I was able to nurse him in the doctor’s office after the appointment, so he was pretty happy by the time we left.

We LOVE our pediatrician! She is so sweet & always writes little bible verses on the top of Collin’s paperwork that we take home. She said that he looks great & even said that we could start feeding him a little rice cereal any time now, and then try other baby food. I am not sure that I’m ready for that yet! She said that it was up to us that we could start anytime from now until 6 months, but at 6 months he will need the nutrition from the baby food. He is just growing up so fast!!

In other VERY EXCITING NEWS – some of our best friends, Brad & Whitney, had their little boy Maxwell today! Yeah – a new friend for Collin! I am probably going to try to go visit them in the hospital tomorrow & I can’t wait to see how tiny he is compared to Collin! I just love tiny new babies!!


Rachel said...

I am sooo excited for Brad and Whitney!!! Collin does need another boy to play with given all of the little girls that have been or are going to be born.

Jennifer said...

He is a big boy! Ellie must be down to like the 12% then...I think she's only 11ish lbs at almost 5 months. Oh well. I'm so glad ya'll are doing well. I can't wait to come see your big boy and meet Max too! It's about time Collin got some guys around. ;-)