Thursday, August 13, 2009

"I Just Had A Baby" - a great excuse

Collin will be 4 months old this coming Sunday, and I am just starting to wonder how long is the “I just had a baby” excuse good for? Times this excuse comes in handy:

1. The house is a total mess
2. Belated birthday presents to your family & friends (sorry Becca!)
3. When you want to go to bed at 9:00pm
4. Not working out – ever (unless you count lifting the car seat in and out of the car)
5. Jump out of your chair at work right at 5:00 to get home as soon as possible
6. Late on getting thank you notes out
7. Wasting $5 on a redbox movie that was supposed to only cost $1 because you never have time to watch it
8. Not updating the blog regularly

I think I am going to use it as long as possible - I want to enjoy every minute I have with him & at the end of the day I think that is more important than almost anything else...


The Kees Family said...

i still use it - i just adapt it to say "i have a 2 year old". don't feel bad about any of those things because once he is mobile the list will only get longer.

Angela said...

I think it's still a very valid excuse. I'm looking forward to using that line myself :)

Rachel said...

Growing a person is very important and we will still come to your house even if you do have dishes in the sink and unfolded laundry :-)

Jennifer said...

You work out all the time! Lifting Collin all day gets you what I like to call Mommy muscles!