Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whirlwind Trip!

We made our trip to Pensacola this weekend - so much fun, but way to short!! We arrived late Friday night & Collin got to stay up until 1am visiting with his grandparents. I was really worried about him getting off his schedule, but he is such an amazing baby & it didn't affect him at all. I was okay with him staying up that late because Son's dad had to work all day Saturday, so the evenings were really the only time that he got to see Collin.

Here is a pic of Son & Collin on Sunday morning before church. We went to the Vietnamese service at FBC Pensacola with Son's parents and Quoc, Kim & Lilo.

Our fun outing on Saturday was Collin's first trip to the beach! We had fun but only stayed out there less than 15 minutes - we were concerned about Collin getting a sunburn. He had fun watching and listening to the waves, and we even got to see some dolphins swimming by!

Here is a picture from Friday night when we arrived. Son's parents gave Collin a "baby laptop" toy that he absolutely loved - boy he is spoiled, less than 6 months old & he already has his own computer!

Overall it was a great trip with lots of family time! Visiting Pensacola is so much fun, but it always makes me more homesick for Texas too - I just wish that we were closer to all of our family!!


Elizabeth said...

great pics! :) JMS got to visit the beach for the first time too, this weekend! I didn't even think to bring a hat...we covered him with a burp cloth!