Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from The Vuong Family!!

We had an exciting Easter weekend - Collin's First Easter!!  On Saturday morning we had breakfast at Chick-fil-a (yummy!!) with several friends from church, and then we all went around different parts of the St. John's Town Center passing out flyers and inviting people to our church's Easter services.  Of course we got to make a few stops in some of the stores, so that was fun too!  We also went to Toys-R-Us to buy Collin's birthday present...a littel red wagon!!  I was so excited!!  I had NO IDEA how expersive they were (I was thinking maybe $30 dollars)...boy was I wrong!  But, they were having a sale, plus I had a few coupons, so it actually wasn't that bad.

I can't wait for Son to put it together so that Collin can try it out...of course not until his birthday :)

That afternoon we went to a reception for a couple in our church who had been married for 50 years!  They are such a sweet couple that really were involved in Son & my early realtionship - they were the mentor couple in the Singles' Class at FBC where I met Son.  Such a sweet couple!  Here is a picture of Collin & me at the reception.

Easter morning Collin got a visit from The Easter he is showing daddy his Noah's Ark Easter Eggs.  Son took the candy out and replaced it with Cheerios!  Collin had so much fun once he realized that is he threw the eggs down Cheerios came out - it was too cute!  He also got the movie Over The Hedge and a Easter Story book that we read to him while he was eating his breakfast.  I think that may be a new Vuong Family Tradition - it was really sweet.

Collin had the cutest Easter outfit...and one of his best friends Max had the same one!  Here is a picture of the "twins".  Collin has a silly expression on his face...not sure what he is thinking :)

After church we had lunch with The Kays' and their family.  It was so sweet of them to invite us to share a family lunch with them - and there was so much food!  Mrs. Kay had even made homemade cupcakes - yummy!  Mr. & Mrs. Kay had a sweet little easter basket for Collin too!!  We went home for a quick nap, and then headed over to Brad & Whitney's house for Easter Dinner with them and Dustin & Angela (of course the 3 babies were there too).  We had a great time, with some great food.  Then there was an incident with a poopy diaper that had everyone rolling on the floor laughing...let's just say that I was trying to do a quick change on Collin before we went home and I got a BIG SURPRISE! 

Being so far from family during the Holidays is REALLY HARD for me (even after 4 years), but having such amazing friends makes it a little easier.  They are such a blessing to us!!


Rachel said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Ditto on being away from family- this was the first year I went home in four years for Easter.

Southern Belle Mama said...

Collin looks precious in his Easter outfit! I love little smocked shortalls on baby boys. :)

We got my son a Red Rider wagon for his first birthday too...he still loves it!