Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SAHM Weeks 1 & 2

Things I have learned lately...

1. I do not have any time to blog lately.

2. I absolutely love being home with Collin and can't imagine doing anything else!

3. Collin is growing and changing every day! Lately he has been standing on his own, and I think his first steps will be any day now. He likes to "walk" around the house pushing his high chair. He has a little push car toy that my sister got for him, but it is still is little too fast for him to keep up with...but I know he will be running it all over the house any day now!

4. He now prefers real food and will only eat jars of baby food if he is really really's pretty messy & I have to wash the seat cover on his high chair several times a week!

Here is a little of what we have been up to the past 2 weeks:

Play date at the park with Dallas & Maxwell

Easter egg decorating with Brookelynne & Dallas

Lots of fun play time at home - this is Collin's tunnel

We have also been catching up on things around the house ( during nap time) like organizing closets and lots if laundry!


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the abernathy's said...

Soo fun! What a blessing Gid has given you! Glad u and ur little man are getting this special time!!

Southern Belle Mama said...

It looks like you guys are having a ton of fun! Naptime is great...I love being able to catch up on my housework. :)

Rachel said...

I am sooo glad you are not going to miss Collin's first steps!!! He is getting so big and growing way too fast!