Friday, May 14, 2010

The “T” Word

There have been a few clues lately, and so I am afraid that I have to admit that I now officially have a TODDLER!!

It all started a few days before his birthday when he started walking…then after his birthday my weekly Baby Center emails changed from “Your Baby This Week” to “Your Toddler This Week”…and finally he is now hardly crawling at all.

The only time he crawls is to go over a crack in the pavement in our driveway (superstitious??), when he Son is chasing him and he gets really excited, or if he is trying to get somewhere really fast…like trying to get to the electrical outlet in the wall before I can stop him.

Other reasons that I know I no longer have a baby include:

1.  I finished his baby book…very sad!  The only thing that I can still add to it are the dates that all of his teeth come in and the dates of a few more doctor’s visits with weight and height, etc.

2.  I finished the frame that my mom bought me that has a cut out for each month’s picture with a large opening for his 1-year picture.  We are going to get that hung up in the hallway this weekend.

3.  He is slowly weaning and only nurses twice a day now.  I would be okay if he was done nursing, but he is still refusing to drink the whole milk…so I am leaving it up to him to decide how long he wants to continue (for now at least) and continuing to offer him the milk several times a day.

4.  He is over 20 pounds and he is 28.5 inches tall.

5.  He loves meal time and feeding himself.  His favorites are sweet potatoes, bananas, green beans, chicken nuggets, string cheese, ritz crackers, and goldfish.  The only thing that he will eat out of a spoon is applesauce and occasionally yogurt.  He also loves ice cream!  We recently discovered this at Jason’s Deli when he practically ate my entire ice cream cone.

6.  He is now forward facing in his car seat and he LOVES it!  He just kind of sits back and “chills” most of the time, fascinated with everything that he can see outside.

7.  He really doesn’t like to be carried very much & would rather walk.  Son & I wanted to make a quick trip to the store yesterday evening, and I just planned on carrying Collin in and out really quick…well lets just say that after the quick trip turned into a few different stops, and Collin did not want to ride in the buggy or be carried, I became that mother who let her child walk around the store without shoes on…so embarrassing!!  At least we were somewhere pretty clean, although we probably would have fit in better at a Wal-Mart :).  Note to self: never leave the house without the diaper bag & shoes…no matter how “quick” the trip is supposed to be.

And now for some pictures of the cutest, sweetest most adorable baby TODDLER in the entire world!!

April 2010 001



Loves playing in the shower wile mommy gets ready in the mornings!




April 2010 003

These are for Nana & Granddaddy – they sent him these adorable cowboy boots from Texas & requested some pictures of him in them & a diaper :)

 April 2010 004

April 2010 005

April 2010 006

Playing Peek-A-Boo with Mommy in the big boy car seat!  Oh, and that cover that I have been working on for what seems like 6 months…it’s finished!!  I love it & put of pics of Collin trying it out another day.

April 2010 007


Playing with cousin Lilo while we were in Pensacola.  She is such a cutie!!



April 2010 009Helping mommy clean the house…he loves the swiffer now & knows where I keep it in the laundry room.  He will just go an try to get it out periodically and then drag it around the house for a while.  Next time he does that I need to put a pad on it so that he can actually get up some of the dirt :)  

April 2010 008

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



Erin said...

He is so stinkin' cute!

Elizabeth said...

oh my gosh - he is CUTE!!! I was thinking the SAME thing today...and last week...when he started the OTHER "t" word - tantrum! wow! it just made me LAUGH! :) On Thursday if we were to show him a sippy cup of milk - he would have thrown a FIT - he would have nothing to do with whole milk, or sippy cups. Friday - he decided, "Hey! No more bottles! I can do the sippy cup and the whole milk!" ugh. no more baby!!!

Rachel said...

Putting Collin to work I see :-) I can't believe how fast he is growing up!!!!

When I saw the title of "t" word, I thought it was talking :-)

Southern Belle Mama said...

Congratulation on the transition of "Mommy to Baby" to "Mommy to Toddler"! We are going through the exact same things...Lilly-Belle just turned one and is now walking, sitting front facing, and beginning to self feed. It's a bittersweet time as we watch them become more independent. Enjoy each day!