Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is for Aunt Becca

This evening while working in the nursery at church I received a text from my sister that read “update your blog!” so I thought about it and since Collin took a 2 hour nap today (woo hoo!!) I got everything done around the house that I needed to so there wasn’t any reason that I couldn’t spend a few minutes on the computer after bedtime tonight :) 

My 3 boys…LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!


A recent play date where Collin got to play with 2 older boys…he had fun!  Since he is usually the oldest at our regular play dates I think he enjoyed having someone else that was running around too!!

IMG_2278 IMG_2273


And for an update on the “little” chicken nugget issue:

New foods that I have tried that Collin loves:

1.  kashi whole grain fruit cereal bars

2.  Peanut Butter sandwich on honey wheat bread

New foods that I have tried that Collin hates:

1.  Kiwi – mashed it with his finger on the tray but wouldn’t put it in his mouth or let me do it.

2.  whole grain pasta with cheese – spit it out.

3.  Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich – I tried to mix it up & put half PB and half PBJ on his tray.  He ate the PB ones, but every time he picked up a PBJ piece he would look at it and put it back down (or try to feed it to Beau).

4.  Broccoli – spit it out.

5.  Chicken Breast cut up into “chicken nugget shapes” – apparently just not the same.

6.  turkey breast, ham, and chicken breast lunch meat cut into bite-size cubes – these didn’t even make it into his mouth.

Okay, so that’s 2 more things that he eats now – mommy can live with that.  I think later this week we are going to try mandarin oranges, green peas again, and I am trying to think of a few other new things to try…any ideas?

Up next for the Vuong Family…a trip to Pensacola to see Son’s family and then Collin & I are going to Texas in 2 weeks…CAN-NOT-WAIT!!!

In other good news another child in Collin’s room at nursery tonight was sent home after throwing up and running a fever…this should be fun :)  Crossing my fingers that he doesn’t get sick because we have an exciting rest of the week – lunch with Annie & grocery shopping tomorrow, then another Pool Play Date on Friday!!


Erin said...

He's so cute in his board shorts and shirt! I have had my Collin's since he was born and have been dieing to take him to the pool! I can't wait!

Son and Julie said...

Thanks! Yes, he loves the pool & has no fear. I have to really stay so close to him now b/c he would just run up and jump in the pool by himself if I wasn't right there.

Elizabeth said...

cutie patootie!
how about...sweet potatoes...edamame...string cheese...sometimes I will do ground turkey with taco seasoning - and he sometimes likes that...he sounds like a texture kid like JM...JM WILL eat oranges...but after he eats everything on his plate first...he can't stand how they feel! we need to try the PB on bread...haven't done that yet!

Son and Julie said...

Thanks E! He actually already loves the string cheese & sweet potatoes...just forgot to add those to the list, but I will def try the edamame and ground turkey! We already tried black beans this week & he loved those too.

Jennifer said...

Have you tried some sautéed zucchini...peas (maybe mixed with a can of tomatoes and some spices), and dark meat chicken. If you are on a pea kick too, Steamfresh has peas and mushrooms in a light garlic sauce that you cook in the bag. They are really good. Beware: he will have bad breath after. :-)

Ellie has gotten to where she doesn't really like the breast, but loves her some dark meat. These two are little enough and skinny enough that fat content shouldn't be an issue.

Ok. I know that's a lot. Talk to you later! Thanks for updating your blog. I love reading it!