Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Next Project – Design My FREE Cards!!

So, let’s just start this by saying that I LOVE getting photo Christmas Cards in the mail!  Yes, a traditional Christmas Card is nice and they all go on display for the holidays, but by New Years most of the non-photo cards are out with the trash…sorry!!  However, our fridge is full of photo cards for many months to come…and after that they go in our photo album to remember the changes from year to year. 

I am already planning our family Christmas Cards this year, and will be ordering mine from Shutterfly’s Photo Card Collection.  And – to make it even better, they are offering 50 FREE cards to bloggers who write about their products!!!  They have such cute cards like the ones below & they always have deals on free shipping to take advantage of.

Here are some of the ones that I liked…

Hehe…it looks so funny to have random people’s pictures on my blog but I didn’t know how to edit them out :)

Last year was Collin’s first Christmas & also my first year to do our own family photo card & it was so much fun browsing through all of the great cards & looking through our pictures. 

Other great gift ideas from Shutterfly include their Personalized Photo Mugs – both my dad & Son’s dad are proud owners of “Collin Mugs” :)  They also have the cutest Photo Birthday Cards that I will have to remember this April for a certain little man who will be turning 2 years old!!! 

Ahhhhh – I am going to have a 2-year-old!  Now that Collin is 19 months old, he is officially closer to being 2 that he is to being 1.  Okay, that is a whole separate blog post for another day!