Thursday, November 4, 2010

Family Fall Festivities

We have been busy participating in all of the Holiday activities going on lately – and having a great time too!!

Collin really loved the Pumpkin Patch!!  I took him once with some other mommy friends and babies, then Son, Collin & I made another family trip a few days later.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera to the outing with friends, but here are some pics from our family visit.

Pics To Copy 11032010 268

He loved being able to just run free since it was all fenced in!

Pics To Copy 11032010 278

Pushing the wagon with our pumpkins we picked :)

Pics To Copy 11032010 265

“But Da-Da, I want to take the wagon home too!”

Here is Collin’s back-up costume after this fiasco :)  I think it was pretty cute for basically being just a pair of orange pajamas.

Pics To Copy 11032010 282

My little pumpkin!

Then we let Collin “decorate” one of the pumpkins he picked out.

Pics To Copy 11032010 284

“Am I really supposed to have this permanent marker?”

After that we “made” pumpkin cookies & Collin really enjoyed helping Mommy & Daddy eat them :)

Pics To Copy 11032010 289

“Yummy!!  My mommy is so talented to make a perfectly shaped orange and green pumpkin inside each cookie!  It’s almost too perfect to be true.”

Pics To Copy 11032010 292

The guys hanging out eating cookies together – Collin is up waaaaaay past his bedtime here.

A few days later we carved the big mommy & daddy pumpkins and put them outside on display as our family of four :)  This makes me very happy!

Pics To Copy 11032010 303

Since Halloween was on a Sunday we were going to church then our church’s block party afterwards…but they didn’t want the kids to wear costumes, so we got Collin dressed up again on Saturday and took him to trick-or-treat at Publix – it was sooo cute & kept him entertained while mommy & daddy did some grocery shopping :)

Pics To Copy 11032010 308

The cutest pumpkin at Publix :)

Pics To Copy 11032010 309

This is Son’s “Embarrassed” face – for some reason he thought it was a little embarrassing that we took Collin trick-or-treating at Publix, even though it was an official store event & there were tons of little kids there :)  Plus, I am sure the fact that I was taking a million pictures didn’t help either…hehe.

And last but not least was actual Halloween where our church service was titled “Hallelujah, Not Halloween” and was about how what we should be celebrating on October 31st each year was the beginning of the reformation with the 95 Protestations being nailed to the door of the Catholic church by Martin Luther – very good history refresher. 

Pics To Copy 11032010 313

I was so amazed at all the activities they had afterwards at the Block Party for kids – even little ones like Collin.

Pics To Copy 11032010 316

He enjoyed a few different arts & crafts, of course the snacks, playing in the sandbox filled with rice, corn & dry beans, hay rides in the wagons, and running all over the place with his friends.  Of course he loved the ball pit :)

And that about wraps up our October!!


Jennifer said...

I LOVE the fact that you did the four little pumpkins! That's so cute! I've taken a picture of our stockings every year with our names to show the progression of our family, but I never thought to do it with something as simple as pumpkins! :) That's awesome!