Friday, January 28, 2011

In Collin’s Words

Collin never fails to entertain us with what he is saying lately.  It is so amazing to watch how his vocabulary literally grows every day, but it is sometimes hard for us to keep up!  Some of my favorites over the past few weeks have to be the following – with translations included :)


He loves his bible song CD’s that we listen to in the car, but his favorite song is “Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock.”  Here it is in Collin’s Words:

“Hold, Hold.  Knock, knock, knock” = Behold, behold, I stand at the door and knock, knock, knock.

“Anyone, Anyone” = If anyone hears my voice.

“Open, Open, Open!!!” = And will open, open, open the door, I will come in.


He loves to name places as we drive by, even if we are not stopping.  I have no idea how he recognizes places so well, but at times it is hard to explain to him why we are not stopping at one of our regulars.  Here are some of our usual stops in Collin’s Words:

“Daddy clothes” = the dry cleaners

“Cookie Please Thank-You Balloon Please Thank-You” = Publix (grocery store)

“Daddy moovie” = Redbox

“Friends, Ball, Play” = our church

“Nuggets, Fries, No, No” = Chick-fil-a or McDonalds

“Play, Play, Swing, Whee” = the park


And last, but not least, I will end with a picture of my adorable little Collin in an outfit that he picked out himself.  The “Choo Choo” shirt from his pj’s the night before, his “monkey hat” from cousin Lilo’s birthday party, camo pants, and cowboy “boots”.  No, he is not allowed to leave the house looking like this, but for a lazy day at home with mommy, why not?  I absolutely LOVE this little boy!!!!

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