Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vuong Family Massive Update Post

I love blogging, the problem is finding the time to do it!  And then the longer I wait, the more I have that I want to record, so it gets overwhelming to think about…and then I procrastinate even more.  It’s a vicious cycle :)

So, instead of trying to write about 10 posts that I want to do, I am just going to summarize what we’ve been up to lately (with a few pictures too) so that at least I can have it down.  So much has happened since my last post, which was IN JANUARY!!!

Probably the highlight of the month of February was our Valentine’s date night :)  Our sweet friends, Brad & Whitney, are in the same situation we are with no family in town…so we will trade off date nights.  So, Friday night I went over to their house to keep their boy, Max, and Saturday night Whitney came over here to keep Collin.  We went to one of our favorite places, Barbara Jean’s, then did some shopping & stopped for ice cream.  It was a great date night & much overdue – we hadn’t been since September when we were in Texas!!

Here is a “30-week baby bump” picture of me from that night…I am bummed that I forgot to get one of me & Son together!

blog pics 03012011 001

Now for the kiddos’ updates:

We had a little scare with Grace last week…I went into my regular 32-week appointment & the doctor was a little concerned because apparently my measurements & weight hadn’t changed in 4 weeks.  She had me schedule an ultrasound to check on Grace’s size & make sure everything was okay.  I asked her what could be the problem if there is a problem, and she says she just wants tot check to make sure the placenta is working and that Grace is still measuring on time with my due date. 

Of course she says not to worry, that everything is probably fine…but I was really scared.  I had to wait 3-days for the next available ultrasound appointment, and of course I spent that time doing terrible things like Googling “problem with placenta” and “baby born at 32 weeks”.

We had so many sweet friends & family praying for her that I know God was watching over our family that week.

It turned out that everything is fine, she is just small – about 4lbs now, but all of her measurements are right on track with my due date.  In the end it was nice to get a late ultrasound & be able to see her again, but not worth the stress!  Oh, and let me tell you, baby girl has some HAIR!!  We could see it on the ultrasound – soo precious!!

That week while I had convinced myself that she was coming early, I decided that I needed to get the bedding situation finalized.  I decided that I wasn’t in love with the first set I bought, but that I didn’t have time/energy to make something…so after spending many hours shopping & online, I finally splurged & ordered a set that I had really fallen in love with a few months back.  It’s a new pattern from PBK called “Petite Paisley” and for now it is online only.It came in today & I LOVE IT!!!

Petite Paisley Nursery Bedding

Up next…a post on all things new with Collin James & our last family road trip with only 1 car seat :)


Rachel said...

I am loving the bedding! Super cute and so you! I am glad everything worked out just fine with Grace. I'll bet she is just beautiful with all that hair. We could tell Little B has a head full of hair too... now just to figure out what color it is ;-)