Friday, April 8, 2011

Only 10 More Days

That’s right, just 10 more days until the big D-Day!  From my experience with Collin, I know that 10 days could easily turn into 7 days, or 13 days, but I am so excited that we are basically down to single digits here!

Here is a 38/39 week update:

pics to save 03192011 413 

How far along? 38.5 Weeks

Heartbeat? Holding steady around 150

Total weight gain? no change +22 lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes, but I am getting really tired of them.  It’s hard because with both my pregnancies I am mostly wearing maternity clothes during the fall/winter, but still need to wear them for a few weeks in the beginning of spring/summer…so I pretty much have 1 pair of maternity shorts that I wear almost every day & wash every time I do a load of laundry, 1 pair of jeans that can be rolled into capri’s for when the shorts are in the wash, and a handful of short-sleeve/sleeveless shirts.  So if you notice that I am wearing the same outfit every time I see you, please pretend you don’t notice :)  I keep telling myself it’s only for another few weeks!

Sleep?  I have a hard time getting to sleep, but have been sleeping better once I am asleep.  Collin has been sleeping in until 8:30ish every morning, so that has been helping me catch-up and get ready for the sleepless nights to come.

Best moment? Getting another late ultrasound at my Dr. appt this week.  They were checking her size, fluid levels, and breathing.  Everything looked great & it was another unexpected chance to “see” her.  Collin was with me and got to see it too.  When I told him to look at Grace or asked him if he could see her he kept saying “Grace, computer, see her!”…apparently he thought the ultrasound machine looked like a computer.

Cravings?  I may or may not have purchased 2 gallons of ice cream and a package of Oreo cookies at the store today.

Gender? It’s still a GIRL!!!!!!  Grace Anna Vuong

Labor signs? No, but I am dilated 1cm – I think she is going to take her own sweet time just like her brother.

What I miss?  Looking down at my feet and seeing ankles again!  I get so swollen by the end of the day!  Fortunately it isn’t too painful, but it looks pretty bad!

Looking forward to?  My parents getting here next weekend – then after that she can come as soon as possible!  If she’s not here by next Sunday then the walking marathons will begin :)

Milestones?  Less than 2 weeks!!