Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things I Think About

…having a 2-year-old in 14 days!  How did my tiny baby Collin get to be the big boy that he is today?  I thought that I could never love him more than I did the minute he was born, but I truly love him more and more every day.

…holding my sweet Grace Anna in 16 days (or less).  I cannot wait to just cuddle her, see her face, and finally meet her!

…what am I going to do if my parents aren’t here when she decides to come?  How am I going to be able to make sure that Collin is happy and not feeling abandoned with Son & I both at the hospital?  I know that neither Son nor I could be away from Collin for the 2-3 days we are there, so will I be able to handle being at the hospital alone while Son is with Collin?

…how excited I am to see Collin’s reaction (whatever it is) when he first meets her.  He is so cute and can tell you that he is having a baby sister named Grace, but I don’t think he really realizes what that means.  I know they will have a special bond - even if it takes Collin a few weeks to warm up to the idea :)

…how do you pick up the dry cleaning with 2 kids?  I am being serious here – do you take the huge double stroller about 20 feet from your car to the counter?  If not, how do you carry the clothes, an infant, and hold a 2-year-old’s hand all at the same time?


Jennifer said...

In response to the last one- You leave them at home! LOL. :) You'll get the hang of it, and quite honestly, consider changing to a drive through dry cleaner! I'm pretty sure those were invented just because of mom's with multiple children! :)

Jonathan and Sarah said...

I let Noah hold the clothes and carry Ri in his car seat since its usually a brief trip in :) its the store that gets fun!

Rachel said...

I wish we were closer so we could be back-up to watch Collin just in case your parents were delayed.

16 Days until Grace is here - sheesh! Where did this pregnancy go?!?! I feel like you just called me yesterday to tell me you were pregnant!

Did I tell you we are planning a trip down in the fall. Can't wait to see you all as a family of four ;-)