Monday, August 1, 2011

Grace’s 1st Texas

If you have children, or know anyone who does, then you probably can think of a few “baby firsts”.  First smile, first laugh, first word, etc.

In our little family one of the big “firsts” is always going to be Baby’s 1st Trip to Texas!  It is hard (and sad) for me to think that our kids are actually Floridians, and not Texans.  I love the bumper stickers that say, “I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could.”  That defiantly applies to Collin & Grace!

After a little panic at the airport involving trying to check Son’s gun case (which we have traveled with multiple times prior with no issue) we finally got through security with 2 kids and we were on our way!

Our first stop on arrival into DFW was Becca & Warren’s house in McKinney.  We wanted to see Becca (Warren was working) and also give the kids a break from their car seats.

blog pics 06072011 001

Collin LOVES Addie girl, and had a blast chasing her around!

The week we had in Texas went by so fast & was filled with lots of fun…tons of shopping, lots of family visits, church, family pictures, splashing in the kiddie pool, 3 dates for mommy & daddy, a fun “Sip & See party for Grace, and playing on the roller coaster…yes, Dede & Jimbo have a roller coaster at their house for the kids.  Can you say, “spoiled”? 

Here are my favorite (non-professional) pictures from the week:

blog pics 06072011 002

We call my dad the “Baby Whisperer” – he can calm any crying baby!

blog pics 06072011 003

Aunt Becca talking to Grace after church.  Grace & Becca have a special bond!

blog pics 06072011 004

Grace & her great-Grandaddy, she loved talking to him.

blog pics 06072011 005

Dede & Jimbo

blog pics 06072011 006

Four generations – this picture makes me smile :)  Far left is my Nana (Anna) who Grace got her middle name from.

I must admit that I did a terrible job at taking pictures this trip.  I am very sad that I didn’t get any of the kids with 2 special people – 1.  Uncle Warren who Collin absolutely adores & refused to leave his side, and also was able to make Grace laugh out loud.  and then 2.  Aunt Honey (my Aunt Becky) who the kids love too.  When she wasn’t at the house Collin would go to the window and look out in the driveway saying, “Honey, where are you?”

However, our professional pictures are AMAZING & I will have to do a separate post to show off my favorites.