Tuesday, August 30, 2011

“Look Mommy, I’m Washing My Hands”

08202011 003

While driving down the road Collin is talking to me from the backseat…

Collin: Look Mommy, I’m washing my hands!

Me: That’s great (thinking he is pretending to use hand sanitizer)

At the next red light when I turn around and actually look, he is spitting on his hands and rubbing them together, by this time his hands are soaking wet…guess I should have looked sooner!


While watching an episode of “The Cat in The Hat” all about animals with tails, and the different types of tails, the characters start doing a dance and shaking their tails…

Me: Collin, can you shake your tail?

Collin: No, I don’t have a tail.

Me: You can pretend, shake your bootie.

Collin: Oh, I do have a tail right here!!!  (pointing to his front-side)

Of course I was dying laughing, so Collin thought it was hilarious too & the rest of the day went around saying “here is my tail!”


Me: Collin what are you doing?

Collin: talking to Buzz Lightyear

Me: What are you telling him?

Collin: You need to listen, get spanking Buzz, when I say no that means NO!

…I wonder where he gets this stuff from :)


Collin is also becoming quite the little helper lately, and has even started taking out the trash for mommy…or at least dragging it out into the garage.

08202011 009

And he also helped daddy mow the grass.

08202011 008

I am so proud of this little guy!


Erin said...

Oh these kids! I love reading about your Collin, I always end up laughing :)