Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words (I Hope)

Here at The Vuong Family my children raked in an embarrassing amount of Christmas goodies from both grandparents & from us.  We had an amazing Christmas with family, spent over 30 hours driving, and came home happy but exhausted.  Here are a few pics that I wanted to post.


Collin opening his first present…not as excited as I was hoping for, but he got into it after getting plenty of practice!


Grace and her Cabbage Patch doll – I was way more excited about this than she was!


Collin & Grace opening their first presents from Dede & Jimbo – matching Christmas jammies!


The annual jammie pictures!


Grace’s pretty bracelet!


Collin riding his new “bullseye” horse!


First time with watercolor paints.


Helping Jimbo feed the birds & squirrels.

My biggest regret is that I forgot to pull out my camera while we were in Pensacola!  Collin had an awesome time playing with his cousins & they were both totally spoiled there also.


Rachel said...

Awweee! I love the pictures. I am sooo glad you had such a fun time. Great minds think alike, Naomi received a rocking horse for Christmas too!