Friday, January 27, 2012


Every year in January our church has what we call the “Chest of Joash” service.  It is a very special time in which you commit to the Lord what you will do over the next year.  It originally started as financial commitments however this year we were each asked to write down 4 different commitments for 4 different areas of life.  Long story, but one of the commitments that I have made this year is to be more intentional in teaching scripture to my children.

We have several Baby Bibles & Bible Story Books that we read to Collin & Grace, but I have felt convicted recently that I have failed miserably at hiding God’s Word in their hearts.

I have never personally been great at scripture memory, so this is a challenge for me as well to learn these verses with Collin.

We started this week with John 3:16 (inspiration from my friend Angela who taught this to her daughter & it is PRECIOUS to hear her recite it).  Collin gets really into it & can say most of it on his own.  We are still working on it, but he is getting it & I think we will be able to add a 2nd verse soon!  My favorite part is hearing him say “perish” and then at the end we say “everlasting life” very loudly & he gets so excited :)

I think these kids deserve the best & I am striving every day to give it to them.  Every day I fall short of the “perfect” mommy I wanted to be, but even though I can never succeed at this on my own…

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”   Philippians 4:13

Hey…I think that should be our next verse!

And just because no post is complete without some Collin & Grace cuteness ---->


On a recent zoo trip Collin noticed the bear tracks on the sidewalks & was showing me how they got there… “see mom the bear went like this and his feet-prints”.  However my cautious little boy was a little concerned about the fact that the bear had been out of his fence at some point to make those tracks.


Sweet princess…always happy to see Collin running into her room after naptime!  They love each other so much!