Thursday, February 16, 2012

Double Digits

There is no way that this tiny little baby girl is really 10 Months Old!!  She is such a sweetie & a blessing to our family!


Her favorite thing to do is follow Collin around the house & get into whatever he is playing with…which can cause problems when he is trying to build a Lego tower or put together his train tracks.

She still loves her “baby milk”, but has pretty much given up baby food for real food.  Her favorites are chick-fil-a nuggets…big surprise ;) and sweet potatoes, peas, yogurt, and blueberry waffles.

She is very proficient at “cruising” around the house & can even stand on her own for a few seconds, but won’t take any steps without holding on to something or someone.

She HATES the new pacis I bought for her & still only wants the newborn kind from the hospital, which I am blaming for the huge gap between her front teeth…so mommy is trying hard to make the switch!

She is my happy girl, but much more active than big brother.  Collin was my shopping buddy & would spend all day with me in the stroller/car seat/highchair running errands, but Grace is done with shopping carts, car seats, highchairs and strollers after about an hour.

She laughs, claps, dances, waves “hi” and “bye”, loves peek-a-boo, and even fake coughs :)

She is not quite 17 lbs, has 6 teeth, and tons of dark hair that mommy loves brushing and fixing with pretty bows!

Love this baby girl!


Rachel said...

That's it, we're moving back to Florida!!! Our girls are too much alike... they would certainly be best friends!

a)Loves blueberry waffles and eats them for breakfast.
b) Still hooked on her newborn pacis too!
c)Fake coughs when we genuinely cough or she wants attention from the checkout clerk at the store.

Okay, well if we can't move back just yet, we will just have to come visit!

In Wonder of it All... said...

Well I'm back at blogging, I missed it too much! Great job for being so on top of posting. I can't believe how big Grace is. I feel like she was just born!

Son and Julie said...

Rachel, I agree. You guys need to move back ASAP! Grace & Naomi would absolutely be BFF's :)