Sunday, February 5, 2012

What does Jesus do for Collin?

Driving home from church one night…

Collin: What happened?

Mommy: The battery on my phone died.

Collin: Died.  Oh no!  Like the diver?

Mommy: The diver on Nemo?

Collin:  Yes, I don’t like the diver.  I don’t like the shark on Nemo.  I am afraid of the shark.

Mommy:  It’s okay, it’s just a movie.

Collin: Who can help me not to be afraid of the sharks?

Mommy: Mommy can help you.

Collin: Who else?

Mommy: Daddy can help you.

Collin: Who else?

Mommy:  I don’t know, who else can help you?

Collin: JESUS!!

Mommy: Jesus can help you to not be afraid of the sharks on Nemo?

Collin:  Yes!  Jesus will “Hi-yah” them and make them go away in the ocean!

Just a typical car conversation with my soon-to-be three-year-old Smile


Rachel said...

Love that little guy. Hi-yah - love that! Really, he cannot be almost three!!! I feel like I was just over at your house holding him as a newborn!

Becca said...

I really should not have given him that movie haha. I think I've scarred him for life!