Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Eggstravaganza (Part 1)

This weekend we had two amazing “Eggstravaganza” events.  Friday night was Collin & Grace’s spring event at the preschool at our church where I work a few hours a week & they attend with me.  I was so busy helping out that I didn’t get to take many pictures, but I do have some cute ones of Grace in her chick costume and a video of Collin on stage as a bunny :)  I will post those later…I promise!

Today was an amazing event put on by our Preschool Ministry at church.  It was held at the church’s property outside of town and included bounce houses, egg hunts, kite flying, egg dyeing, build-a-bears, hay rides, and picnics with yummy BBQ!


Grace is ready to go to play!!


Collin went straight for the slides :)


He was so strong & was climbing up the huge slides all by himself!!  Mommy was so impressed!!  That’s my little man almost to the top of the biggest one.  He climbed up using a rope and those yellow blocks – I went with him the first time & it was NOT easy!!


Collin & Daddy also played some baseball…this picture makes me so happy!!


Sweet brother & sister enjoying the hayride.  I love these babies!


Grace’s egg hunt was up first.  “Hey mom, I found one!”  Of course the first egg my princess goes for is the only football egg in the entire area…she sure loves Collin’s “boy” toys at home, so I guess she went for the “boy” eggs too :)


Opening it up to see what was inside.


She kept trying to take the eggs out of her basket instead of putting them in :)


Collin’s age group egg hunt was a little later.  It was more of an egg “gather” than a “hunt”, but Collin loved it.  I am going to have to hide our eggs really well here so that he can also have fun “hunting” to find them!


Checking out his basket – it was getting full!  BTW – don’t you just love their new Easter Baskets??  They were a gift from Dede & Jimbo and we LOVE them!!


Two tired babies enjoying their new build-a-bears and finishing up our picnic before heading home. Collin took a record nap and slept the whole hour car-ride home, then went in his bed and slept for two more hours at home!!!  I wish I could wear him out that much every morning!