Friday, April 27, 2012

Birthday Extravaganza 2012

To say that my kiddos had a great birthday would be the understatement of the year!!  We are so blessed with the most amazing family and friends, and it all came together for a huge 2-week celebration :)

We had planned a trip to Pensacola for Easter weekend, and while we were there Son’s family surprised the kids with an awesome party – bounce house slide & all!!  They know how much Collin LOVES bounce houses & slides :)  I have so many cute pictures – they are already up on facebook, but I will try to add them here later also.


The next week, my parents arrived in Jacksonville on Thursday & our double party preparations were in full-swing!  Grace’s actual birthday was on Friday, April 13th. 


We sang to her & let her eat the first of many bday cupcakes :)


Of course, Collin “helped” her!


My “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” cupcakes!


Grace helping Dede get ready for party day!!


I seriously could not have done this without my mom & sister here!  They did so much, helped with the kids, and even calmed me down when I was pitching a fit about how ugly the actual bday cake we ordered was ;)


Cute party favors…Dr. Seuss books with Fish.


Grace helping Aunt Becca with her banner


Collin LOVES Aunt Becca!  But then, we all do!


I displayed Collin & Grace’s Dr. Seuss book collection as part of the decorations.


My handsome Birthday Boy!!


His favorite part – the top of the slide!


Grace’s new favorite thing is bounce houses!!


Playing with Aunt Becca.


Even Dede & Jimbo got in with us!  Too bad I didn’t have my camera when Jimbo joined us :(


Princess in her BDay outfit!


She was sooooo good and left her tutu & necklace on the entire party!


More sliding!


Time for my smash cake!


Of course I had to get one for Collin too!!


Dede giving Grace a bath in the sink after cake time :)


Balloon wreath I made, and some of the door decorations.


Fish streamers


Seuss wall decorations


Playing & relaxing after the big party


Grace LOVES her pink car!


Lunch at Cracker Barrel before we took Dede & Jimbo home Sunday :(  So sad to see them go!


The ladies :)  So thankful for such an amazing mom & sister!


On Collin’s actual bday (April 16th) we went to the park, had lunch at Chili’s (Collin’s favorite restaurant), dessert at Panera, and lots of fun with Aunt Becca :)


My big 3-Year-Old


This is one of my new favorite pictures!!  They are so precious!


Lunch at Chili’s :)


Dessert at Panera :)


Gracie got a cookie too


And one last celebration at the kid’s school on Wednesday!!  I brought cupcakes & cookies for Collin & Grace’s classes, and they had fun:)  Even though Grace is the oldest in her class, her teachers were kind enough to still et me bring them & sing to her :)

Overall I cannot imagine a better birthday celebration for my babies!  We really went all out this year, and are so glad that we did.  Next year…no parties, but our first FAMILY DISNEY TRIP!!!!!  We are already excited :)


Rachel said...

Sooo many comments... where to start!
a) your hair is getting soooo long!
b) Naomi received the for her birthday and loves it too!
c)The birthday party was soooo awesome!
d) Disney next year is going to be awesome!
e) I am so glad I am not the only one who had a little moment before their child's birthday party. We woke up the morning of Naomi's party to find ants had invaded our kitchen and oh by the way, I had the cupcakes out on the counters. Thank goodness some were in the dining room, unharmed, but I was near to tears. After regrouping, reassurance from Jeff, and a deep breath, I realized it would all be okay :-)

Great job Mama! Can't wait to see you all again soon! Let's skype soonish!

Erin said...

(1)I'm about to comment like Rachel did...
(2)I can't believe it's taken me this long to read your (and any) blog again!
(3)I'm was sad we had to miss the party, and even more sad now that I see the pictures and how cute everything is!
(4)I'm sorry if I steal your ideas, the twins' party is in two weeks and I'm going crazy ;)
(5)We need to see "the other Collin" soon!