Thursday, January 24, 2013

In Collin's Words

After eating a chip that I think was sharp & cut his mouth because he usually likes them (poor baby!)...

"Blah, yuck, ahh (wiping his tounge/mouth), eeeeeww, blah , nasty, it's EXPENSIVE!!!"

We were laughing out loud, not sure where he got the idea that expensive was a bad thing...probably from his bargain shopping mommy :)

Word of the day Collin style = "explosioned"

Definition = when an object (or person) is made to explode or blow up

Example: "Mommy, I threw a bomb at you and I explosioned you!!"

While playing Avengers Collin had instructed me that he was going to go in the other room, that Grace was going to be the "bad guy" and that when I saw the bad guy I should say "avengers Assemble" and he would come fight the bad guy...

Mommy: Avengers Assemble!

Collin runs into the room, grabs his sword & hits Grace with it.

Mommy: Collin! You need to think about your choices, you never hit anyone!! Why did you hit Grace?

Collin: mommy, you need to think about your choices. You said Avengers Assemble and that means fight, I thought it was a real fight, you didn't say it was pretend!!