Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In Collin's Words

Batman has a belt, and Aquaman has a belt. But Superman doesn't have a belt, he knows how to hold his pants up!


Collin: Lets play "Manger Scene". I can be Baby Jesus, you can be Mary, and pig (a stuffed animal) can be Joseph.

Me: what about Grace? Can she be a shepherd or a wise man?

Collin: No, she can be the donkey. You need to sit on her because you are Mary! Sit on her mommy!

After several attempts to delay bedtime...

Me: Collin you need to go straight to your room and go to bed

Collin: actually straight is to Grace's room. My room is straight then turn, see?

And lastly a picture of my sweet silly boy with his Avengers bow & arrow he made with daddy. (I don't think any of the avengers actually use a bow and arrow, but he sure thinks so!)


Jennifer said...

He cracks me up! Actually, (I don't remember his name...eagleye maybe,) uses a bow. I don't think he's actually one of the Avenger's, but he's in the movie :-)