Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The past several Wednesday nights at our church have been a series on Faith by Reverend Blount.  I have learned many things about faith during this series, but tonight was especially meaningful.

He was speaking about worship and that if you are not passionate about worship one possible cause could be that you aren't trusting God for the big things, maybe you trust him for the small everyday things that require faith, but are you really trusting that he is going to keep his big promises too.

While I feel that I am passionate about worship, it hit home with me that often times I continue to worry about the "big things" and try to control them on my own.  I always pray for them and pray for God's Will...but one of the points if tonight's message was that God makes promises to us and we can have faith that He will fulfill them!!

It really made me examine my faith in His promise regarding my children.  There are many things that are easy for me to trust God with, but I continue to struggle with worry when it comes to raising Collin and Grace.

How can I be sure they will be become Christians?

How can I make sure they will not be influenced negatively by others?

How can I guarantee that the will excel in school/sports/etc?

How can I make the right decisions on their education and activities?

The answer to all of these questions is the same...I cannot.

But if I am willing to have faith, God can and He will!!  What an awesome realization!

Don't get me wrong, parenting still comes with its share of responsibilities, but once I realize that ultimately it is God and not me who determines their future I can rest in His promises for my children.

Here are the promises I am putting my faith in today!!