Monday, July 1, 2013

Pinterest Day

Today we were unexpectedly home and due to a sick little one we were unable to leave the house this morning...which was the perfect opportunity to try some if the Pinterest projects that I had been wanting to do!

First up was painting flag shirts.  It was simple since I already had all of the supplies:

Plain white shirts
Red & blue paint (I wanted fabric paint but didn't have it on I just won't be able to wash and reuse these.)

They were super simple & turned out so cute!  Now I wish I had gone to another store to find the fabric paint...I guess we will just have to make more shirts another day :)

Next was a "Harmony Jar" idea I found on Pinterest.  Basically the idea is that any time they fight or argue with our another or are unkind they have to pick a task from the jar (in our house this will be in addition to other already in place).

I got my sticks ready and sat down to explain the concept to Collin & Grace.

They immediately both were begging me to pick something from the jar - not exactly what I was expecting.  I decided to let them just to see that it isn't always something fun.

Grace went first & picked "make the other person's bed".  We went in Collin's room and they both had a blast making the bed!  What?!?!?

Next Collin picked "read each other a book". I made them each go in their room and pick a book to read to the other person.  Collin picked one he already had memorized & I helped grace "read" hers by telling Collin what the people were doing in the pictures.  Again they loved it!?!?!?

I decided to stop letting them draw things and reserve it for bad behavior (even typing that it doesn't make sense but that's what I thought I was going to do...bad mommy brain moment).

Collin asked, "so if we do something bad we have to do another stick".  I was annoyed that my plan wasn't working and just said "yes". 

He then proceeded to punch his sister and say, "now do I get to pick a stick?"

So needless to say he DID NOT get to pick a stick.

During nap time I re-evaluated my plan and decided to use it as a reward instead since they both loved it so much...duh!!

So far we have danced to silly music, helped mommy clean the kitchen, said 3 things we love about the other person & given hugs & kisses.

I would say it was a Pinterest semi-success but hope that it still accomplished it's ultimate purpose of making them closer and more compassionate to one another :)