Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's A Pink Kitty!!

I am always laughing at what comes out of Collin's mouth, and try to document what I can remember (which isn't much, haha!).  However, lately Grace has been competing with her brother for the title of family clown!  She understands making a joke now, and frequently says the wrong answer to a question just to be silly.  She will do anything to make her brother laugh :)  Today while driving home from Collin's school we were taking turns playing the "I'm Thinking of an Animal" game where one person thinks of an animal in their mind and the others take turns asking questions to guess what it is.

Grace is very smart, and fully capable of playing the game correctly, however she loves to say "YES" to anything you ask her & knows that she can answer the questions incorrectly or make up false information to be funny.  Here is how her turn went:

Grace: I am thinking of an animal.

Me: Does it swim in the water?
G: No.  It has a pink nose!

Collin: Does it live in the jungle?

Me: Is it a monkey?
G: No

Collin: Is it a tiger?
G: No.  It has a pink nose!

Me: Does it have fur?
G: It has pink fur!

Me: I don't know any jungle animals with a pink nose and pink fur.
G: Its a pink kitty!!!  (Laughing hysterically)

She cracks us up, just like her brother does :)