Wednesday, August 27, 2014

In Collin's Words

While driving, I overheard this conversation that was taking place in the backseat:

Grace: you want to sing a song?
Collin: yes!  I will sing you a princess song, even thought that's sooooo annnoooying!  Because I am a boy and boys don't like princesses.


Collin's loves to make up games & his most recent made-up game was called "Teenager", where he pretended to be a "Teenager" by running around like a wild man, playing air guitar, singing loudly, and asked if he could "get dressed crazy".  I asked him how he knew what a teenager acted like and he said it was from the "Love You Forever" book...I think he nailed it :)


After school conversation:

Collin:  Mommy, I had a rough day
Me:  I am sorry sweetie, what happened?
C: What does a rough day mean?
Me: It means that bad things happened to you today
C: It was a rough day
Me: What happened?
C: We didn't go to the playground today
Me: Is that all?
C: Yes

LOL - that's a rough day for a kindergartner!