Monday, December 15, 2008

Nursery Decorations!

This weekend my friend Rachel was in town visiting so she came over Sunday afternoon and helped me visualize the plan for the nursery. I had already picked out the fabric for the bedding, which I am making myself, but it really helped to talk about where we were going to put the furniture, what color we are going to paint the walls, and what type of accessories we would need to get.

I was starting to get nervous about the fabric that I had picked out because when I was a JoAnn's buying it the cashier made a big deal about it being "girly", but Rachel really liked it & had some great ideas on how to make sure that it was obviously a boy's room...see conversation from fabric store below:

Cashier: This is cute, what are you making?
Julie: Thanks, I'm using it in a baby's room.
Cashier: Oh, a little girl, how cute!
Julie: No, it is for a boys room
(**Note that the fabric is blue & green. Yes, it is paisley, but it is blue and green!!)
Cashier: You can't use that in a boy's room!
Julie: I think it's going to be really cute. It's for the bedding, and we are painting the walls blue.
Cashier: Okay, well we have some frogs in the craft section you could paint to try to make it more for a boy.

I am usually a very calm person, and it takes a lot to upset me, but I almost lost my witness in JoAnns! But then, what should I expect from a cashier...not an expert design opinion, right??


We are going to move the guest bedroom into what is the office/FSU room now (closest to our bedroom) and make the nursery in the other room (closest to the bathroom). We are planning on leaving the guest bathroom as is and using our bathroom for Collin for the time being. We really need to get moving since we will have the furniture here when we get back from Texas!


Rachel said...

Yeah for Collins soon-to-be-wonderful-nursery! I am so glad you asked me to help!

Angela said...

You know I worked at JoAnns for like 3 years in college -- and the people that work there have to ask questions like that. It's a rule. She didn't have to act like that about it being for a boy, though. How rude! I can't wait to see it all together...and I would love to help with anything!

Janice Lois said...
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