Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Monday

I hate Mondays! Why do they seem to drag on & on? And I always seem to miss Son & Collin more on Mondays after having all weekend together. Some good news today is that I think I am going to buy our plane tickets for our December Texas trip tomorrow! We can restart the countdown…just 11 weeks!! We are going to celebrate Christmas early this year. Since Son & I both have limited vacation time & we won’t both be able to take off around Christmas, we are going to make our long trip December 4th – 12th this year. The only bad news is that since we are flying, we will have to put Beau in the kennel - poor baby!


Rachel said...

Send Beau Here! Send Beau Here! Well, it was just a thought :-) I know you will have a great time visiting with your family again!