Friday, September 25, 2009


I was thinking today how different life is with Collin – most of it is wonderful, but some of them can be humorous. Here are a few of the normal life activities and how they differ Before Collin “BC” and After Collin “AC”.

Date Night
BC – Dinner for 2 at one of our favorite fancy restaurants (Marker 32 maybe?) followed by a movie & then a stop for dessert on the way home
AC – Going to Outback & taking turns eating / entertaining Collin, with at least 1 diaper change during the meal (yummy!), and then going immediately home because it’s time to feed him again.

Productive Saturday
BC – Waking up, cleaning the house together, making a grocery list then going to do the shopping for the week while Son works in the yard & washes the cars, then doing laundry, paying bills, and finally having friends over for dinner & a game night.
AC – doing at least 1 load of laundry or accomplishing a few chores during nap times

BC – use your imagination
AC – Uh oh - is that the baby crying?

Going to the store
BC – Get in the car & go, get what you need & come home
AC – remember what time he ate last & make a judgment call on if he can make it, or if you need to wait for about 30 minutes until he gets hungry & feed him. Then inventory the diaper bag & replenish supplies, make sure you have at least 1 spare paci & bib. Strap baby in carseat, put carseat in car & drive to store. Circle around parking lot to find closest spot to a shopping cart. Lug 50lb carseat with baby to nearest shopping cart & make sure that it is snapped in. Enter store. Shop & place items in cart leaving 1 hand on carseat at all times. Keep the buggy moving at all times to keep baby happy. Checkout & get help out to the car (this does not apply at Wal-Mart where it is do-it-yourself). Lift 50lb carseat into car. Drive home. Lift 50lb carseat and baby out of car & into house. Hope hubby is home to unload groceries :)

My Favorite Thing To Do on Saturday Mornings
BC – Sleep in!
AC – Hanging out in bed around 6am with Son & Collin – he is always so happy in the mornings when he gets to wake up on his own schedule & we have fun just snuggling with him & “talking” to him!!

BC – My Family & Son’s Family
AC – Our Family :)


Jennifer said...

So totally true! I love it! Wait until Collin can ride in the cart without his makes for lugging fewer things!

Anonymous said...

It really is amazing how our little one's change every little aspect of our lives...for the better of course!

Rachel said...

I love this post Julie! Funny changes and also some sentimental ones!

Elizabeth said...

love love love this post! :) so true!!!