Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Five Months & Counting

I can't believe it, but today Collin is 5 months old! I know that everyone always says "it flies by", but I did not realize how fast until I experienced it myself.

He is now "eating" (tasting & spitting out) rice cereal every night before bedtime and he has once again started rolling over consistently (he rolled over for the first time about 6 weeks ago, but went on strike until a few days ago) except this time he is rolling from his back to his stomach instead of stomach to back that he was doing before. He can sit up propped on his hands for almost a minute now without tumbling over, and he is now too big for the infant sling in his baby bathtub, so he gets a bath in the baby tub with a towel rolled up under his head (he is still not sitting up well enough to sit on his own in the slippery tub).

He has tummy time & play time with daddy every day from 4:30 until I get home around 5:30...they really are a cute pair. I absolutely love walking in the door each day and seeing Son on the floor in Collin's room playing their little games together. Collin really is a daddy's boy - Son is the one that gets the biggest laughs, the best smiles, and Collin is constantly watching him.

I take Collin & Beau for a walk almost every night after dinner, and he loves feeling the breeze on his face & kicking his legs almost the entire time while we walk. Maybe he thinks that by kicking his legs he is the one making the stroller move??

He has never met a stranger - each morning when I drop him off at school I am standing there at the door saying "bye Collin", "mommy loves you", "be a good boy", etc. & usually he doesn't even acknowledge me. I know it is a good thing that he doesn't cry when I go, but could he at least acknowledge that the woman who carried you for 9 months, provides all of your milk, takes care of your every need, and changes your poopy diapers is leaving? Oh well, the smile I get when I get home from work, or get him up in the morning more than makes up for it!

He now wears a bib almost constantly - it is either that or change his outfit 10 times a day. There has definitely been an increase in the amount of drool in the past few weeks!! Some people say he is probably teething, some say he is too young to teeth, so who knows?

So that is the 5 month update :)


the abernathy's said...

i love it! u will love to look back on this and remember just what he was learning and doing at each month and phase of his life. these are precious moments. truly happy for you! xo

Angela said...

He is such a cutie! I'm glad he's finally rolling over for you! He needs to learn all the tricks so he can teach them to Dallas :)

Rachel said...

I was just talking with Annie yesterday about how fast all of "our" babies are growing up!!! I am glad you are writing all of these accomplishments down because I am sure it will feel like a blur later on down the road.